Antique Bestsellers- Teddies, Dates & Mates, Kootz

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Although Ebay has stopped its Pulse facility, I can still look up "antique bestsellers Ebay" and review the results.

Two Teddy Bears in Toyland by Elizabeth Gordon. This might be due to the positioning of the bears. Not much is known about her, except she wrote children's books in the 1900s about bears.

Ponytail Dates and Mates is a 50s address book for femmes fatale. Recently one went for $9.99 (£6).

Dean Koontz suspense books in bulk. Koontz writes a mixture of sci-fi, satire and horror. His first book was "Star Quest" in 1968. He has had several film adaptions. Not really antique, but found here anyway.
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