Antique Brass Ornaments Buying Guide

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Antique Brass Ornaments Buying Guide

Brass holds a special place in the hearts of many individuals because of its beautiful colour and typically affordable price point. Unlike some metals, brass is attractive without being excessively expensive. Antique brass ornaments make excellent decoration pieces in a home. These pieces often have a rich history and offer classic appeal that is unique to antique brass.


Brass Figurines and Statues

Antique brass ornaments are pieces meant solely for decoration without any functional purpose. Figurines and statues add character to a space but are purely for decoration. Buyers often choose brass figurines of their favourite animals, such as brass horse ornaments or owls. Mice, elephants, lions, and many other animals are available. If history is a person's love, he or she could look for brass statues of real or mythological historical figures like Zeus or Buddha. A brass bust of a famous person also makes a great addition to a personal library.


Brass Wall Art

Various types of brass wall art exist to add colour and texture to a room. Small brass ornaments, such as antique keys, easily blend with other decor in a room. Large brass ornaments, such as brass trays, sometimes have a functional purpose, but because of intricate designs and carvings, many owners prefer to place the pieces on display rather than use them. A large tray on the wall makes a unique piece of wall art and adds dimension to the room. Brass horse heads sometimes hang on walls, as well, and a few brass horse shoes nearby add a nice finishing touch. Some horse shoes also make appealing wall art, especially with a small horse head, dragon, or lion in the middle.


Brass Tools

Many people turn antique brass tools into ornaments by putting them on display. In some cases, the tools are no longer functional. Items like brass bells, brass compasses, and brass diving helmets often feature intricate designs and are great conversation starters as well as historical pieces. A nautical brass bell next to the door for guests to ring or a miniature ship's telescope on the bookcase adds the perfect touch to a nautical-themed room.


Types of Antique Brass

Antique brass varies based on the region in which it was made. Buyers should become familiar with the typical items produced by various countries so they can reduce the chance of accidentally buying replicas instead of genuine antiques. For example, Germany produced a lot of brass clocks from the 1700s through the 1800s, and they usually carry designer marks. Sweden produced a lot of nautical brass items throughout history, while India produced a lot of statues.

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