Antique Diamond Necklace Buying Guide

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Antique Diamond Necklace Buying Guide

An antique is defined as an old collectible item desirable because of its age. Age is not the only important factor to consider when purchasing an antique diamond necklace. Other factors to consider when purchasing an antique diamond necklace include: beauty, rarity, condition, utility, personal connection, and any other unique characteristics. Part of what makes antique diamond necklaces beautiful are the imperfections and knowing that almost all of the antique diamonds have slight differences. The condition is an essential feature to evaluate because a buyer may not want an antique diamond necklace just because of its age, it needs to be in mint condition, or close to it, as well. Personal connections to an antique diamond necklace may be formed because a family member passed it down to another family member, or a buyer is looking to purchase one very similar to a necklace that a great-grandmother had.

Fashion and styles are ever-changing, and vintage and antique jewellery is gaining popularity again. A wide selection of antique diamond necklaces can be purchased at jewellery shops and the online auction website, eBay. Understanding the time frame from which a diamond cut came helps a buyer be able to locate the specific type of antique diamond for which he or she is looking. Shopping for a specific type of antique diamond necklace may be difficult. There are so many factors that must be considered, including: the time period, chain length, and the four Cs. You can purchase a antique diamond necklace on ebay from desighn's such as Tiffany & Co

What Makes It Antique?

Antique diamond necklaces have enjoyed a renewed popularity. The beauty and elegance of antique diamond necklaces are unmatched. Antique diamond necklaces were hand cut and polished; therefore, each diamond is unique and shaped slightly different. Antique diamond necklaces have withstood generations of wear and are antique because they are an old collectible item that has remained in good condition. The shapes and dimensions of diamonds capture the character and essence of an era.

The following cuts, including: single cut, rose cut, old mine cut, old European cut, and modern round brilliant cut, can be traced back to specific time periods. The single cut is characterised by a large table, an octagonal girdle, less than 18 facets, and is dated around the 1300s. The rose cut gained popularity around the 1500s and is distinguished by a single apex, dome-shaped crown, and is similar to the shape of a rose bud. The old mine cut dates back to the 1700s and is differentiated by a squarish girdle with gently rounded corners, a small table, and resembles today’s cushion cut. The old European cut is classified by a high crown, small table, and a large, flat cutlet. The modern round brilliant is similar to the old European in the sense that it has 58 facets and a circular girdle but it does not have a cutlet. The modern round brilliant gained popularity in the early 1900s. The early 1900s antique jewellery is broken down into categories including Victorian, art nouveau,, Edwardian, art deco, and retro.

Chain Length of an Antique Diamond Necklace

The chain length of an antique diamond necklace can help identify from which time period the necklace came. When purchasing an antique diamond necklace online, it is useful to know its chain length to know where it lies on a person's body. Where the necklace falls varies slightly depending on the person wearing the antique diamond necklace. The different types of necklaces consist of: collar style, choker, princess, matinee style, and opera. The different types vary by necklace length and the occasion to which the necklace is worn.

Type of Necklace

Necklace Length (cm)



Collar style


Rests at collarbone

Evening formal wear

Special occasions



Rests below collarbone

Dressy casual

Dressy and semi-formal



Sits at, or just above, the neckline

Better suited for taller women

From casual to formal

Matinee style


Sits below neckline

Can be worn alone or with a pendant




Sits below chest


When it comes to necklaces for women, different lengths are worn for different occasions and seasons. For example, a longer length necklace is recommended for turtlenecks and cowl necks. On the other hand, a shorter chain length, of 40 cm, is recommended for formal attire, such as a dinner dress. Overall, the necklace length is based on personal taste and the outline provides a general recommendation.

Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat

Cut, clarity, colour, and carat are often referred to as the "Four Cs" and are used to evaluate diamonds. It is important to take the cut, clarity, colour, and carat into consideration when purchasing a diamond necklace. Selecting which one of the four Cs is most essential is based on personal preference. Although, some jewellers say one is more important than the others. The definitions below provide a better description of the four Cs to a buyer.

The cut of a diamond is what gives a diamond its brilliance and brightness, displaying its reflective qualities. The cut is often confused with the shape of the diamond. The shape is the outward appearance of the diamond, such as round, pear, or square; whereas, the cut, angles, and finish of any diamond determines its ability to handle light.

The clarity of a diamond is the presence of identifying characteristics on, or within, the stone. Most diamonds have flaws because of the amount of pressure it takes to create them. The two types of flaws are blemishes and inclusions. Blemishes are surface flaws, such as scratches, pits, and chips; whereas, inclusion flaws are in the diamond, and include air bubbles, cracks, and non-diamond minerals. The higher the clarity, the rarer the diamond.

Colour refers to the presence or absence of colour in white diamonds. The whiter the diamond’s colour, the rarer it is, and the higher its quality. Colour is graded with the highest-quality letter being D, and the scale continues all the way to the lowest at Z. A very faint yellow can start to be seen at grades J through M.

A carat is a unit of measurement; one carat is equal to 200 mg. The formation of diamonds is a rare occurrence, and the natural materials required are found in trace amounts. Therefore, discovering large diamonds is very uncommon and they have greater worth per carat.

After the consumer has a better understanding of cut, clarity, colour and carat the consumer can make an informed decision on the correct type of diamond. The most important of the four c's is essentially the buyer's personal preference.

How to Buy an Antique Diamond Necklace on eBay

Ultimately, it is a buyer’s decision of which type of antique diamond necklace to purchase. There are various ways to shop for an antique diamond necklace, and eBay offers thousands of options. The easiest way to search for an antique diamond necklace is to perform a keyword search. Fortunately, there is a search box located on every eBay page. A buyer can type specific keywords, such as "antique jewellery" into the search box. After clicking search, thousands of options appear in the search results. The product listing can be minimised by having the buyer type in more specific words, such as "antique diamond necklace".

Evaluating Sellers

The seller’s eBay history includes all feedback ratings from buyers within the last 12 months. The seller’s profile page also enables a buyer to view comments left by previous buyers, and see which items were purchased from the seller.

It is important to leave feedback for a seller after a buyer receives their items to inform the eBay marketplace about the interaction. Providing feedback is beneficial for a buyer and a seller. It is beneficial for the buyer because it helps future buyers make informed decisions regarding a seller. Feedback is advantageous for a seller because if the feedback is positive it attracts more buyers, and if it is negative it allows a seller to adjust his or her customer service practices.


The perfect antique diamond necklace is ultimately up to the buyer’s own personal style. However, there are many factors that need to be evaluated in order to make an informed decision. These factors include what makes the jewellery antique, chain length, evaluating the four Cs, and how to purchase an antique diamond necklace on eBay. Antique diamond necklaces are desirable because of their age and condition. The chain length varies by personal preference, but recommendations are given based on occasion and style. For example, a choker is recommended for dressy casual, and rests just below the collarbone. Next, the diamond needs to be taken into consideration. When purchasing an antique diamond necklace, the cut, clarity, colour, and carat all need to be evaluated. By altering one area, such as the colour, it provides more wiggle room to purchase a diamond with more clarity. Ultimately, a buyer needs to decide which of the four Cs is most crucial. Fortunately, eBay provides a variety of antique diamond necklaces to accommodate every buyer's needs. Purchasing an antique diamond necklace is an expensive purchase, but it should not be a difficult one. With the right research, the consumer can rest assured that he or she has made the best decision when it comes to purchasing an antique diamond necklace.

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