Antique Diamond Wedding Band Buying Guide

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Antique Diamond Wedding Band Buying Guide

Opt for an antique diamond wedding band for a wedding ring that is unique, one of a kind, and visually interesting. Antique and vintage wedding bands are a timeless and classic choice, and vary from today's more modern styles in a way which can be very appealing and elegant. In the Victorian and Edwardian periods, and even the early 1900s, styles were dramatic, embellished, romantic, and sophisticated in a way that today's diamond wedding bands are not.

One of the core differences between today's diamond wedding bands and the antique bands buyers see when shopping are that most rings were crafted by hand and without the use of modern machinery. This creates an even more special diamond because no two stones could ever be alike. This also means that antique diamond bands are more expensive, but they are an investment, and the quality and beauty of the piece is well worth the overall cost. Solitaires did not come into vogue until almost the 1900s, so vintage wedding bands were typically made with more elaborate settings and several diamonds as opposed to a showcase stone in the centre. Buyers can select the perfect antique diamond wedding band based on the style, setting, and overall appearance of the ring, as well as the condition and price.

Types of Antique Diamond Wedding Bands

There are a few hallmark time periods that beautiful antique jewellery is known to come from. While the Victorian age produced romantic, beautiful pieces, the Art Deco time frame is known for more interesting and creative wedding bands. Some rings cannot be categorised, so they are simply known as antique wedding bands, and for buyers who are not as interested in a particular time period, there are a lot of retro pieces available on eBay.

1940s Antique Wedding Bands

Antique wedding bands from the 1940s are diamond studded and typically made of yellow or white gold. These are also sometimes referred to as anniversary bands. Bands range in size from slim bands studded with just a few diamonds to wide, thick bands which have several rows of diamonds. The thinner rings are easy to stack with engagement rings.

Most rings from this era are dramatic rather than simple, and varying colours of gold were also popular, such as rose gold and white gold. Some rings have several shades of gold twined together to form the bands. Filigree decorates some 1940s diamond wedding bands, and styles hearken back to the Victorian age with some rings from the era. Other stones may be set with the diamonds, including sapphires or amethysts, in baguette settings or cluster style settings.

Art Deco Antique Wedding Bands

Art Deco antique wedding bands have a style all their own. Jewellery from this period typically is over the top and fanciful, and includes swirling filigree designs, shapes such as leaves and geometric designs, as well as many sparkling diamonds of varying sizes. Art Deco diamond wedding bands have ornate bands with engraved designs on them such as diamonds, hearts, swirls, or flowers.

Art Deco diamond wedding bands are sometimes referred to as Art Nouveau wedding rings. They have a distinct look and sense of flair which really makes them stand out from other vintage diamond wedding bands. Art Deco rings often include other stones such as rubies and emeralds for a bolder look. Angled shapes and nontraditional settings are a hallmark of Art Deco wedding bands.

Victorian Antique Wedding Bands

Victorian jewellery celebrates love and romance, and Victorian diamond wedding bands are no exception to that style. The wedding bands of this time depict intricate designs, lavish settings, and stones surrounded by diamonds as well as small diamonds covering entire bands along with detailed engravings or twisted bands.

Unique elements of nature play a part in diamond wedding bands from this time period, and buyers may notice flowers or leaves mingled with diamonds on some bands. Gold and silver are used frequently, along with coloured stones as well as diamonds. Rose coloured gold was also popular during this era, as well as yellow gold and silver. Vintage Victorian bands also may have engravings on the inside of the wedding bands, such as well loved verses or marriage dates.

Edwardian Antique Wedding Bands

Edwardian diamond wedding bands are a bit more understated, dainty, and delicate in design than Victorian bands. Filigree bands are typical of Edwardian wedding rings,, and diamonds are generally clustered instead of dotting the circumference of the bands. Platinum rings were popular in the Edwardian age of jewellery, and pearls were often used in combination with diamonds to decorate wedding bands.

As with other antique diamond wedding bands, a mixture of golds are seen, such as yellow, white, or rose gold. Edwardian rings may also be sterling silver or made with a combination of several metals. Edwardian diamond wedding bands are usually set with many small diamonds together as opposed to larger stones.

Vintage Antique Wedding Bands

For rings which do not have a specific category, they fall under the general category of antique or vintage diamond wedding bands.. Though the time period of the rings may be unknown, the characteristics of the rings display the hallmarks of rings which is not modern diamond wedding bands, but more retro style rings. These distinctions may or may not include elaborate and intricate settings and styles, dramatic baguette diamond settings, or interesting design elements such as leaves, angel wings, or flowers.

Selecting the Right Antique Diamond Wedding Band

When it comes to antique diamond wedding bands, certain eras celebrate their own distinct styles. Shoppers who are interested in certain design elements may want to pay attention to the eras which made them popular and common. Selecting the right wedding band really comes down to aesthetics, since that is the main difference between the various antique diamond wedding bands.

1940s Wedding Bands

Art Deco Wedding Bands

Victorian Wedding Bands

Edwardian Wedding Bands


Different shades of gold

Coloured stones

Baguette and cluster settings were popular, as were mixed metals

Geometric or angular, over the top designs

Filigree bands

Nontraditional settings

Oversized bands; large and odd shaped settings such as oval or rectangular

Romantic, detailed bands

Elements of nature were popular and common

Rose gold was common

Couples sometimes engraved rings with dates or Bible verses they liked

Clusters of diamonds in more dainty settings

Mixed golds in single bands

Coloured stones or pearls mixed with small diamonds along the bands

Once buyers have determined what their ring style is, shopping by era is easy and a great way to see all of the rings from particular time periods. This is a good way to narrow down the choices once shoppers have figured out which types of rings they like the best, and it makes searching for the right antique wedding band a breeze.

How to Buy an Antique Diamond Wedding Band on eBay

Find an amazing antique diamond wedding band on eBay, and create a unique, one of a kind look for your wedding ring. Search antique diamond wedding bands to browse many styles and eras of wedding bands, or tailor the search to a specific time period to see rings made in that era, such as Victorian diamond rings. Inspect the sellers' listings carefully to see what condition the rings are in. Mint condition antique wedding bands are going to cost more, but they are worthwhile. Communicate with sellers easily by clicking the "Ask a Question&" button to directly talk to the sellers about the wedding bands and ask any questions, or ask to see more images of the rings, if necessary.

Buying the perfect antique diamond wedding band on eBay is easy mostly due to the fact that eBay's search engine is meant to be quite user friendly, so browsing through antique rings should be fun as well as simple. For the best buying experience you can have, purchase an antique wedding band from a merchant who has great feedback from other buyers and has been selected as a Top-rated seller.


For buyers looking for unusual wedding bands, antique diamond wedding bands are a great choice. There are many styles available from several noteworthy time periods, and whether buyers are looking for simple or more elaborate rings, there are many antique wedding bands to choose from. When shopping for antique diamond wedding bands, the guidelines which buyers use today to select rings really are not going to be a part of the purchasing process, since diamonds were cut differently and by hand in the past, and rings varied in clarity and weight.

Wedding bands from bygone eras of the past signify passion, romance, love, and are simply artistic for the sake of art. Jewellery was crafted painstakingly, and it shows in the rings that are available to buyers when they shop for antique wedding bands on eBay. Select the perfect ring to suit any style which goes well with today's trends, too. Classic antique wedding bands never go out of style and pair well with the fashions of today.

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