Antique Japanese Woodblock prints,Ukiy'oe

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The rules for caution on payment remain the same as in my previous gude.


Prints are great fun, the price has come down and the variety increased on e.bay.

Simple rule of thumb is this.......

Buy some books on the subject.

Ask the seller to confirm origin

Look for famous names,eg, Utamaro. If these are cheap be aware that laser copies are very good, for decorative purpose fine.

A good genuine print by say  Sharako will cost tens of thousands while by Utamaro may cost £1000 up.

Ask for macro photographs of the print, the paper quality is important and should be hand made.

Many interesting prints can be had for a few ponds but 'Big names' always fetch big money if genuine.

The "Good" buys now are from the later dates,prints with a European influence, Hasui,Gekko and the like, wonderful era....... But be cautious as always. With this in mind I have placed a "Anti Fraud" visitors book on my web site. The concept being that we, in a small way, warn our web community of those out their who are "Stealing from us" by miss describing the print while aware that many will not know the difference between hand made paper of a genuine print or that of a laser copy.

Visit,add your comments both positive or negative but be objective.


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