Antique, electric and turret clocks, synchronome gents

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Please excuse the English, I suffer from dyslexia. We have very little real time to spend on the things we like to do so its important that this is spent wisely. Also, if you are a new collector it may be huge hurdle to start collecting or getting involved with a project. To assist in the field of Industrial Heritage, Electric Horology and the such we run onamission . org . uk. This runs the free yahoo clubs

synchronome, kent_water_meter, clockinginuk is a wonderful thing, that allows us to re-use the worlds resources. In particular antiques and collectables, pose no further harm to the environment and actually save other items being made. With an open market place, with a broad based listing service, its important that the communities pull together to allow the next generation to get involved and support those already enjoying their collections and projects. To assist onamission set up got2own co uk. This has a blog service that informs you of all the items currently on the market place and allows us to discuss them. This is vital to focus us all, so we can see the wood from the tree, support the good ebayers/sellers and allow open discussion about available items for projects.

We all need to have purpose and value in life, projects are the heart of this. Its important to join in with the community and have a purpose for your projects, that enrich your time. One of the pools for the project items is Well enough said, but do remember time waits for no person, except the clocksmith. Also if you are buying off ebay, why not chat about it, through a focused club. Also when you do buy the item, get as much history as you can. A clock is a clock, but if you have the history of the clock you have history.

Very best wishes and thanks to Ebay




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