Antique postcards

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Selecting Vintage Antique postcards to buy that are original period items

I personally love to both sell and buy postcards that are generally 100 years old plus.They are an affordable way to hold a piece of history in your hands .however on occassion i have been very let down by my purchases  when they arrive damaged mis represented or reprodution.
As a rule now i will always try to by used cards that have a clear date stamp to show authenticity and by using the magnify image you can pick up on defects.I especially use this when buying embroidered silk cards as hole can be hard to identify in the main picture.Many sellers will list cards as excellent condition when clearly they are not.Finding unusual images is difficult ans as arule they will be the more sought after and pricey cards .I tend to go to sold listings to check the price cards have been sold for in the past to give an idea of worth.Packaging is very important and sellers who clearly let you know the card will be sent securely are the ones i will buy from.Postcards can be great fun to collect just beware you really can see what you are purchasing.Have fun x


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