Apparently cheap Chinese mp3/4 players

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Just be careful and don't expect a fillet steak for the price of a cheap burger.  If you're interested in anecdotal evidence read on, otherwise just take on board my advice to be cautious and not to expect too much.

I bought one and wish I had not.  Overall the instructions are poor and the usability is bad.  The system's response to the user's pressing of the buttons is painfully slow.  The one I bought simply stopped working after a couple of weeks.  The seller was kind enough to replace it (though I had to pay to send the duff one back to him).  The replacement was fine for 4 days and then the headphones stopped working so I purchased some new ones.  They were £4 from a high street store (the cheapest they had) and the improvement to the sound quality is phenomenal.  More recently I tried to place some music on it (I'd been using just the radio until then) whence my PC's virus checker discovered a virus on the player.  I could not access the player to move or delete songs that I'd just added (or the virus) and most annoyingly, it plays just the first 10 seconds of each song before skipping to the next.  I think I'm going to give up and buy one with a reasonable brand on it.

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