Apple iPhone 3G - BUY ONE!!

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It’s a mobile phone, GPS locator, camera, and video iPod, all in one. It is a complete personal digital assistant that can access email, calendar, and other pertinent information like many others but with it’s large, clear touch screen, an accelerometer that tracks the position of the device, and a myriad of add-on applications it becomes unique.

The iPhone is a joy to use. The 3.5” (diagonal) screen has a crisp and clear 480-x-320-pixel resolution.  The touch screen functionality is well-designed and easy to use. You simply slide your finger across the screen to unlock it. Then touch any icon or control on the screen to choose it. On many screens, like when working with the Web browser, pulling 2 fingers apart while holding them against the screen will act as a zoom function to make the chosen part of the screen larger. You can simply pinch 2 fingers together on the screen to make the screen smaller. You can then use your finger to drag any area of the screen into view.

There are also a lot of neat little shortcuts that you can learn by experimenting. One of those shortcuts is to click the home button twice to access your list of Favorite contacts.

The beauty of the iPhone is in its simplicity. There are minimal buttons, but the iPhone’s functionality is always at your fingertips. Instead of the nested menus needed to control most mobile phones, the iPhone relies on visual menus and cues making it easier to use than any other mobile phone I’ve seen.

* Excellent User Interface
* Easy to use
* Clear & Crisp Touch Screen
* Useful Accelerometer
* Excellent Sound Quality
* Wide Variety of Addition Apps
* Speakers make iPod more useable
* Good Web Browsing
* Email & Enterprise Support
* Fast 3G Network Access
* Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
* Photos easy to work with
* Built-in GPS

* Battery life needs improvement

Conclusion: Excellent and rewarding hand held device but make sure you have lots of mains and car chargers.


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