Apple iPod and accessories - international buying guide

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Dealus-Maximus carries everything for your iPod video, iPod, iPod shuffle, iPod nano or iPod mini.  We have iPod accessories such as the Griffin iTrip (LCD, Dock, Auto) FM transmitter and stock all iPods.  If something's not listed or in stock, let us know!

What is the difference between a US iPod and a UK iPod?  France?  Germany?  Italy?

iPods sold in different countries are identical.  Surprised?  Historically, Apple shipped the iPod with a different charger, but the voltage has always been universal.  The iPod now charges via the PC's USB port and no longer ships with a wall charger.  Wall chargers may be purchased from Apple, Griffin, Belkin, or others.  You can always shop Apple's website for the original, or better yet, check eBay's results for them:

Apple charges more for these!  

This also means that if you choose the right iPod accessory, by default it will work.  There is no difference between a UK or US accessory (except for a wall charger that may have a different plug).  Need a specific charger or accessory?   Click any item, then ask us a question if you don't find what you need!

What about international iPod pricing?

So if Apple sells the same iPod Video (iPod 30gb and iPod 60gb models), iPod Nano (Nano 2gb and Nano 4gb) and iPod Shuffle (512mb and 1gb) around the world, why are the prices different?  Apple supports regional pricing in each country they sell to, based mostly on distribution and demand.  Europe and the UK have higher retail prices historically vs. the United States.  The gap has narrowed from the beginning.  When the iPod Photo launched in late 2004, the variance was about £100 between US and UK pricing.  The difference is lower today, but VAT still plays a big factor.  Most EU nations "enjoy" a 17-24% VAT.  US sales tax ranges from 0% in only a couple of states to as high as 9%, with an average being in the 6-8% range.  The true divide between US iPod and UK/EU iPod pricing lies mostly in the VAT or in the exchange rate:

eBay Currency Converter Live

Here's a central site you can review for all questions re: international transactions on eBay:

Global Trade Hub for eBay UK

Can I buy an iPod VAT FREE?

No VAT iPod?  Can it be done?  While most regulatory agencies in the UK and EU are limited in their ability to assess duty and taxes to small packages, it's still important to buy from a seller who guarantees that they'll reimburse VAT when assessed.  Check their feedback, read their terms of sale, and if you don't find what you're looking for, ASK!  Chances are, if they don't say they won't cover VAT or duty, they won't.

Where can I buy iPods for wholesale? 

We generally offer reasonable pricing for quantity purchases, but bear in mind that your seller is not in business because he or she likes to sit at a computer all day :)  Most of us are in business for the same reason that we all go to work every day - to pay the bills!  As a rule of thumb, most consumer electronics have small margins (usually less than 10% - iPods fall into this category).  It's similar to cars.  Car makers make very little on the small cars and a lot of money on the big cars.  Apple has cinema displays and laptops that probably have a 20% markup.  iPods don't have nearly as much markup.

How come there are so many for cheap? 

The old adage "If it's too good to be true..." usually applies well.  Low bids don't necessarily mean a scam, but always check the feedback of the seller to see if they have a history of selling those items.  If the Buy Now price is over 15-20% off retail pricing, it's probably either used, broken, damaged, stolen or fraud.  If it's over 30% off, it's fraud, almost without exception.  Everyone knows what iPods are worth.  Apple doesn't give magical discounts to someone who buys $1,000,000 worth of iPods.  I know, I buy from distributors who represent some of the largest companies in the world, and they've been very clear that the pricing is only 1-3% better for them.

How can I tell if I'm being scammed, defrauded, robbed, hornswoggled, etc.?

Better to be safe and see other eBay users with feedback get their iPod first.  If the seller has no history of selling high priced items and the price is low, be very careful.  As with all high price transactions, here's a good rule of thumb -- don't buy from someone who requests money transfers or other strange payment methods.  Visit eBay's security center to review what you can do to protect yourself when buying online:

eBay Security, my former employer!

What languages are supported by iPods?  What are the tech specs for each?

As other sellers and guides have pointed out, iPods have several languages to choose from.  All iPods ship with the following languages available.  Again, the iTunes software and iPod hardware and software are the same universally. You can choose:

    * English
    * Japanese
    * Cestina
    * Dansk
    * Deutsch
    * Espanol
    * Francais
    * Italian
    * Netherlands
    * Portugues
    * Pyccknn
    * Suomi
    * Svenska
    * Turkce
    * Korean
    * Chinese (both types)

This makes international iPod distribution easier for Apple.  As for technical specifications, the best source, of course, is Apple's website.  I can't link to outside websites in reviews and guides, but you can find their site for your country by using any search engine.

What about Apple warranty services?

Apple honors the iPod warranty in your country via their worldwide warranty.  All iPods presently carry a 1 year warranty.  While some electronics manufacturers are regional in their ability to service and repair items, Apple is a global company.  If you live in an obscure country, check to be sure with local shops if they can handle a warranty return in your country, but for most countries today, Apple has services in place to meet your needs.

Can I buy an iPod from you?

YES! :) 

Our current offerings, including iPods of every shape and kind  

If we don't have a particular model listed, just email us and we'll see what we can find for you.  We've been known to find 4th generation iPod models, 3rd generation, monochrome, photo, HP co-branded models, refurbished units, used in good condition, you name it.  We want to fill your iPod needs, don't hesitate to ask!

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