Aquarium Cradle Swing

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I totally disagree.  You put your child in danger, you can see personally that its not the best support for a young child and i wouldnt put my child in that. i have a fisher price swing and my baby has been in it since birth.  it was and still is fantasic. Aquarium cradle swing it has 2 positons in which your child can lay or sit.  from birth i placed a shawl around my baby to comfort/support him more. It was the best money spent.  Oh and it was second hand from a mate.  I dont think you should buy second hand but if you generally know the person GO AHEAD save some money!!!  You no you child better than anyone so if you think your baby is 2 fragile or isnt really ready to go in these then dont put them in these.  Your own fault.  Georgie (this was for another ebayer  toddlersandbabies)

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