Aquatabs - Water Sterilisation Tablets

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Safe drinking water is important for your health. Drink contaminated water and you can become seriously ill, carry parasites inside your body which attack your health or you might die.

Aquatabs are a brand of internationally recognised water sterilisation tables used by armed forces, the United Nations and many other organisations. Their web site is

The effectiveness of Aquatabs depends on them being fit for purpose - Don't use them after their 'Best Before Date' unless that is your only choice.

Old tablets may not be as effective as new tablets because the purification ingredients may have deteriorated.  Shelf life can be 4 or 5 years from manufacturing date depending on storage conditions.

All Aquatabs, except those manufactured for the military, have expiry dates.

If you buy un-dated Aquatabs you have no knowledge of the expiry date and no knowledge of the storage conditions which can adversely diminish the effectiveness of the purification tablets.

My message is: Your health and the heath of your water drinking companions will be at risk if you use water sterilisation tablets that have lost their effectiveness,

Dated Aquatabs tablets cost more on Ebay that un-dated ex-military stocks.

Think wisely - Is your heath and perhaps your life worth paying a little more money for SAFE and effective water purification tablets ?

It is your choice. Be wise. Be safe. Be sure your tablets will be fully effective when you need them.

Disclaimer: I do not sell consumer goods, nor have I ever done, so my advice is entirely personal and not influenced by commercial considerations.


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