Are Gillette Fusion Razors The Best a Man Can Get?

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I am writing this simple overview of the Gillette Fusion series of razors and razor blades because many people ask many questions about these great razors.

In 2006, The Gillette Company (from Boston, Mass, USA) introduced their most impressive razor system to date: The Gillette Fusion Razor:

This razor has the much-touted 5 blade shaving surface, which, IMO, does give a closer shave than any other razor (like any of the 3-blade cartridges in Gillette's Mach3 line).  The main complaint I've heard against the Fusion series of razors is that the 5 blades are so close together that the blades become easily jammed with stubble/cream while shaving.  Personally, a forceful tap against the edge of the sink and a quick rinse in running water unclogs it for me, but maybe others are reluctant to use as much force as I do.

This original Fusion Razor is often referred to as the Manual Fusion Razor because it is not battery powered like the Fusion Power razor, pictured next:

The Gillette Fusion Power razor has a battery powered vibration technology that supposedly gives an even closer shave than the Manual Fusion razor.  Many people like the powered version better, however many other people seem to think the vibration feature doesn't enhance the quality of the shave, and a few people find a vibrating razor handle a bit annoying.  Choosing between the powered or manual version seems to be a matter of personal taste and preference.

Whether you opt for the Manual or Power version of the razor, either is extremely lightweight and nicely balanced, and easy to grip and hold on to while using.

In 2007, Gillette added a new razor to the Fusion line-up called the Stealth (or Phantom, as it's named in the USA).  The only difference between the new Stealth/Phantom razor and the Gillette Fusion Power razor is the colour: the Stealth has a nice black/grey/silver colour scheme (which is perfect for fans of the colour black, like me!), as you can see:

Update: In January 2008, Gillette released yet another model of Fusion razor!  This newest model is called the Phenom, and is available as a standard non-power Fusion razor and as a Fusion Power razor:

The key difference between the Fusion and it's predecessors like Mach3 and M3Power is the cartridge design:
It has a total of 3 additional blades compared to the Mach3, and it has an improved (wider) version of the lubricated strip that was introduced with the Mach3 line.  The cartridge is quite a bit larger, and some men complain that the increased width makes it more difficult shaving near the bottom of the nose.  However, just for that reason, Gillette added a 6th blade on the back of the cartridge which can be used like an old straight-razor for trimming sideburns and getting at spots that are hard to reach with a traditionally shaped razor cartridge.

Gillette offers two types of cartridges - Fusion and Fusion Power:

The only difference between these two types of cartridges is the colour!  The Fusion cartridges are predominately blue, whereas the Fusion Power cartridges are predominately orange in colour.  I've yet to meet anyone who has tried both who could honestly say there was any noticeable difference between the two types of cartridges, which is ironic since Gillette charges a higher price for the Power version!

Both types of cartridges work perfectly with all of the various models of Fusion and Fusion Power razors presented above, including the newest Phenom razors.

In my mind, this is the best razor that's come along, ever.  Regardless of whether you use the powered or manual version of the handle or the cartridges, you'll get the best shave possible using any combination of Gillette Fusion products.
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