Are NEXT 2009/2010 items really 2009/2010?

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Hi, I've written this guide as a NEXT ebay seller as I'm getting fed up with other sellers selling older Next items as Next 2009 or 2010 to get a better price for them when they are quite clearly not. So, I have decided to let you guys know how to work out the age of your Next items.

As in the photo on the inside of Next items there are at least 2 labels. Always a care label and always one under this with a date on it. The bottom label (the small one) is the manufacture date of the item. In the picture this is '07/12' meaning this item was made in December 2007 and was included in the first Next collection of 2008. Also, on the reverse of the care label you can see I have circled '81'. This also means that this is a Spring or Summer 2008 item. Autumn/Winter items for 2008 will have '82' and 2007 items will be '71' or 72'. This is not an altogether foolproof system as some items will be 'carried over' into the next season, although not still in the current catalogue will be still sold in Next shops for full price. But it gives you a general idea.

Just another note, in case you do not realise, Next sell items in Next stores which are not available through the Next catalogues.

I hope you found this guide helpful.

Louise xx 

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