Are You Buying Real Tiffany & Co. jewellery

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How do you tell the difference between the fake and the real Tiffany jewellery?  The key is knowing what to look for.  Below are some tips to help you determine what is real.  This simple guide will save you time and money in the long run.

1.  Look at the photo.  Is it stolen from the Tiffany & Co. website?  If so, you really do not know what you are buying.  Make sure the photos are clear and close-up enough to show adequate detail or any flaws.  You can be the judge in determining how minor or small the flaw is.

2.  Read the entire description.  Some sellers are claiming thier item is "Auth."  This means absolutely nothing.  It does not mean Authentic.  Unless the auction specifically states the item is Authentic Tiffany & Co. jewellery it may not be.

3.  Look at the sellers feedback and feedback score.  Beware of sellers with private feedback.  They may be hiding comments made regarding fake items they sold.  Also, beware of new sellers (less than 1 week) who have lots of Tiffany jewellery for sale at cheap prices.  These sellers may have had a previous eBay account suspended for selling fake items and have opened another account. 

4.  Look at the price.  Although the auction may have started out at 99 pence, this does not necessarily mean the item is fake.  Many sellers do this to keep down eBay fees.  The final cost should be, at least, half of the retail value of the item(s).  Steer clear of high retail priced items with a Buy It Now price of  less than 1/3 the retail value.  Example:  £125 Return to Tiffany Oval Tag Necklace with a Buy It Now Price of £25. 

5.  Ask the seller questions.  Honest sellers do not mind answering questions regarding authenticity.  Sellers should be prompt to answer e-mails, no longer than 2 days.  If you have asked the seller if the item is authentic and you do not get a response from the seller, the item is probably fake.  Honest sellers are not afraid to answer questions to give additionsl photos if requested.

6.  Reciepts are not a guarentee of authenticity.  It is very easy to make a fake receipt.  There are computer programs and fake receipt makers out there to help the crook along.  In addition, many sellers who provide the receipt with the purchase are only providing a copy of the reciept as to avoid identity theft.

7.  Read the Return Policy!  If you do not agree with the return policy do not bid on that auction..

8.  Compare the item with the Tiffany & Co. website.  Although the Tiffany & Co. website only show in-stock items, it is a valuable resource.  Tiffany & Co. will not authenticate items bought on eBay.  They have sued eBay several times for allowing counterfiets to be sold on thier site.

9.  Tiffany & Co. does not have sales!  eBay is one of the few places to buy authentic items at a discounted price.

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