Are these toys age appropriate?

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When buying toys for kids one big question is are they age appropriate for the child.
We all know that toys come with an age range but does that mean they cant be given to a younger/older child. Personally i feel that this should be the decision of the parent/person buying the toy as all children are different and some are move or less advanced then others. Anything that has small parts should not be given to a child under 3 according to health and safety guidelines however this seems to be written on most toys. My little girl got given lots of age 3 plus toys for her 2nd birthday from family and friends at first i was abit worried about giving them to her however after inspecting the toys i couldn't find any 'small parts' so i gave them to her. She loved them and used them without incident.
If the child is still at the stage of putting everything in their mouth then i would keep to the age on the toys however if they are more grown up and understands toys are for playing with and not to be eaten then i would buy what i feel is more appropriate for then regardless of the age on the toy.  


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