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If you're planning to stock in some serious lots of crafts good, tthan I have to tell you, you most contact someone in Hong Kong. Most of the item you are currently using are either process in China (even if it states made in XXX countries) or your wholesaler in a non Asian country, actually get the stocks from us.

I can tell you where to find the art & craft in town & at a great price.

Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong. It's a street name location in West Kowloon. The district forcus on provided customer with a fast track shopping spree for wholesale price. Beads, string, gifts, everything you would need.

Try to find a wholesaler that is located in A lot of the store do small business there, just great for those whom are starting up an ebay . Some of them are even will do shipping for you as well. They all speak english, and all you need to do is to sent them the picture and decription of the item.

Shipping from Hong Kong is very quick. They have this 25 KG box which will reach you within 7-10 days for the price of 38 pounds. Pretty good I must say, since you'll be saving tons on your item and make double the amount!!

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