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I decided to help the buying community with a few helpful tips to define if you are receiving Authentic Name Brand Clothing ( This guide can also be used to define Authentic Handbags, Jewelry, etc.

1. Look for close-up detailed photos.  If you find an item you would like to purchase but are reluctant due to very small undefined photos...what to do?? Simply contact the seller and request additional close-up photos. A sure flag is very small, blurry photos of items.

2. Look for uneven sewn hems.  Hems on Authentic Apparel should not be uneven except for the occasion mistakes that are normal. Items with various uneven hems, lines buttons, etc are most likely knock-offs...

3. Look for uneven sewn sizing and name tags. Sizing and Brand tags should have even sewing for the most part, again except for the occasional mistake. If you receive an item with very uneven sewing lines on the tags the item is most likely a fake.

4. Look for pricing balance.  If someone is selling an item with a retail price of $500.00 for $0.99 then I suggest looking on for another item. In the U.S. I am blessed with the ability to purchase Authentic items are very low prices due to the fact that designs are always changing and updating. Therefore stores sell clothing well below retail to just move out old stock. Even if items are from last month they can be considered old and need to be moved. Factor in the following:  currency conversion, brand new or used quality, original price compared to selling price, photos, descriptions, etc.

5. Always check feedback.  If a seller is well-known for selling cheap items do not buy from them. Look for numerous neutral or negative feedbacks. Please don't consider one or two negatives ( these are always due to incomplete transactions or discrepancies between sellers and buyers) Check out the comments, listing prices, etc.

6. Always ask questions. If you are ever unsure you can always contact the seller. Always go with your gut feeling about an item.

If you are still concerned about the Authenticity of an item I am always happy to help. I am not an expert but have years of experience shopping in most of the name brand shops and know what to look for in general. Please remember these are always exceptions to every rule!!! Hope I have helped you out!! Help make the market for name brands safe and affordable by always purchasing AUTHENTIC!!!!!

Please click on the links below to check out closeups of Authentic Apparel. I will be adding many more brands shortly.

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