Army Surplus

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A guide on army surplus items...

Hundreds of military surplus items are listed on ebay, usually of very high quality and cheap pricing,
however, it is often difficult to know what exactly the seller is talking about when they mention
a "DPM/CAMO PLCE SA80 AMMO WEBBING POUCH" for example. Some jargon is explained below:

95, or Combat 95 - Current british army issue combat (camouflage) trousers, jacket and shirt.

Bergan/Bergen - Enormous camping rucksack used in the military.

DPM - Disruptive Pattern Material - basically camoflaged material.

Flak vest - Normally bullet/stab/explosion proof vest, usually made from Kevlar (see below)

Goretex -A "breathable" material that allows water vapour to pass through its pores.

Kevlar - Everything-proof material, tends to be quite expensive.

PLCE - Personal Load Carrying Equipment  is the current tactical webbing system (see below) of the British Army.

SA80 -  Current standard issue rifle of the British army.

Scrim - Netting used for camouflage, can come in scarves or just peices, usually either olive green or DPM (see above)

Webbing - A personally worn rig, consisting of a belt and a yoke (shoulder harness) onto which several modular pouches can be placed.

Webtex  - The very tough canvas like material that is used to make up most pouches.

Thats about all the definitions that i can think of at the moment, if you see any more, contact me or search on google.

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