Army Surplus Fantastic Value For Money

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Looking to save yourself a fortune on clothes and camping equipment try Army Surplus Gear

We sell Army and Naval Surplus from around the world and the thing that strikes me most is the quality of workmanship and what fantastic value for money this stuff is.

My first memory of Ex Army gear was when I was a boy I started going fishing and wanted a small bag to carry my gear. i bought from then the legendary Army and Navy Stores in the High St This was about 1967 and these shops were full of WW2 clothing and equipment. I bought a small khaki shoulder bag that had a metal tray in the bottom for bullets which I found interesting. Where had this bag been during the war,the probability is it had never been issued and was like new.

I used that bag for donkeys years, as the years went on I kept a drill in it then it hung on the back of the shed door with bits in for years. The amazing thing was it lasted about 40 years there was nothing wrong with it when it was thrown away not so very long ago. Little did I know Id be selling Military Surplus for a living myself so many years later.

Now buy a bag from a Pound Shop yes its a nice colourful bag its only a £1. How long will it last not 40 years I bet. The difference is Ex Military clothing and equipment has been made for Soldiers Sailors etc to go into war zones with. The quality of materials, stitching, pockets has been designed for hard use.More often than not its over deigned hense the stuff lasts for ages.

We sell lots of Kit bags, haversacks, stuffbags, Holdalls mostly from the German Army. Made from thick canvas materials that will take being thrown onto lorries thrown onto planes and generaly being dragged around the world. Plus the cost is a fraction of what it would cost to make brand new today.

Goretex Jackets on the High St will cost £100 plus easily, we get Brand New and Grade 1 which can be like new but issued for from £20. Dont be put off by the price its the same gear but very often military clothing doesent have advertising labels on them. People think oh its fake goretex must be theres no labels. Wrong on some European Military Surplus there is brand names used on clothing. But British Army stuff doesent have any.

Theres fantastic bargains in Army and Naval Boots and shoes we get brand new leather shoes and boots at a fraction of the price of new. We sell stuff at £9.99 that would cost £79.99 to buy!

Keep warm in winter you can buy Swedish and norwegian army thermal base layer pants and vests, padded trousers for extreme cold climates, Russian Fake Fur Hats made for minus 20C. All tried and tested because its obvious the Swedish army cant have blokes freezing cold can it so their surplus gear must be good.

When money is tight Army surplus is the stuff to buy, long lasting, value for money and still fashionable.

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