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I have decided to write this guide based on my art work. A few months ago i decided to take a break from selling through the internet. In february 2006 sales were low and i needed the bills paying so i sold a large collection to another ebay seller who is a relative. He is now selling the collection of paintings and drawings through ebay and i have been swamped with questions through my site regarding the Authenticity of the items he's selling. I won't mention his ebay name in this guide im not sure on the rules but i will say every painting he sells is my original work all my paintings and drawings are freehand painted or drawn.

All my paintings are

Signed on the front and reverse, they are titled and dated also on reverse including watercolour, oil or acrylic depending on what medium was used.
If you have a painting or drawing by Mark Alan and you are not sure about the authenticity dont hesitate to contact me.



During the summer i had a person email me saying they had purchased one of my paintings and they were going to paint over my name and add there's. I don't know if they did or not but it is something artist's need to be aware of..

Steps you could take

Write your name or a symbol under each painting remembering to seal before painting over also take a picture of it for your records then paint over it. If in the future you suspect a painting to be yours but it shows someone else's signature you can at least refer to your records.

Another step try saving pictures of all your paintings to disk with details of date medium size etc and speak to your local solicitor about how you can protect your artwork from copyright.

Thanks for reading

Best regards

Mark Alan


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