Artificial Floral Supplies Buying Guide

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Artificial Floral Supplies Buying Guide

Although some people consider artificial flowers to be less desirable than the real thing, savvy decorators know that artificial flowers offer plenty of potentially positive benefits. Though they do require a dusting every so often, artificial floral arrangements never have to be fed or watered. In fact, unlike most potted plants, they do not even need sunlight to survive. Artificial flowers rarely wither away like real flowers do, and they can last almost indefinitely with minimal care. Crafters of all ages enjoy mixing and matching artificial blooms and blossoms into beautiful year-round bouquets fit for any special occasion.

With the right tools and plenty of artificial floral supplies, creative individuals can arrange everything from stunning table centrepieces to tiny wedding posies. Artificial floral supplies are sold at many craft shops and discount department stores. These items are also available through Internet retailers and online marketplaces like eBay. With so many flowers, accessories, and supplies to consider, people who are new to artificial floral arrangement often wonder where to begin. By learning a bit more about this hobby and the basic items needed to practise it, shoppers are already off to a good start. After that, they need only dive headfirst into the vast world of artificial floral supplies awaiting them.

An Introduction to the Art of Artificial Floral Arrangement

Whether real or fake, the same basic design principles apply when arranging flowers.. That being said, in practice, the techniques employed to successfully arrange silk flowers are a bit different from those used by florists. Skilled practitioners consider artificial floral arrangement to be a distinct form of art. They take their craft seriously, and the intricate and ornate results can be nothing short of stunning. The key is high-quality artificial floral supplies combined in clever yet consistent ways. With such a wide variety of faux flowers available all year long, there is no shortage of brilliant décor options to discover.

Explore Basic Styles of Floral Arrangement

To the untrained eye, the majority of floral bouquets and arrangements look largely the same. In reality, there are quite a few tried-and-true formats for beginners to learn. To give crafty shoppers a sense of the possibilities awaiting them, this chart describes a number of popular flower arrangement styles.




Looks like a tilted crescent moon; requires curved or bent stems to create rounded shape; works well with shorter containers and bases

Hogarth's Curve

Also called the lazy "S" due to its shape; curves up on one side and down on the other; requires skill and keen attention to stem shape


Wide rather than tall; sits low on the table; large focal flower in the middle; long branches to each side and plenty of short filler foliage


Concentrates attention on a few carefully chosen flowers; limited amounts of filler and foliage; heavy emphasis on the focal blossom


Highly formal floral format; tallest and most vibrant flowers placed in centre; boldness and size of blossoms gradually decrease along sides


Tallest flowers toward the middle; smaller side filler creates triangular arrangement; frequently used to decorate lavish wedding ceremonies


Refers to especially tall arrangements; perfect for long-stemmed roses, carnations, and lilies; typically balanced out with shorter filler options

In addition to celebratory bouquets and table arrangements, artificial floral supplies can also be combined into creations that resemble potted plants. To achieve this look, simply use a flower pot instead of a vase. When necessary, look at lovely floral photos for a little boost of botanical inspiration.

Essential Artificial Floral Tools and Supplies

To start arranging beautiful gift bouquets and decorative floral arrangements, first buyers must gather all the necessary materials and clear adequate space for the job. Aside from artificial plants complete with flexible stems and fabric petals, there are many additional items to acquire. For instance, most arrangements begin with a container filled with foam to hold the artificial flowers firmly in place. A sturdy pair of wire snippers allows crafters to shorten and trim long stems. Hand bouquets are often finished off with green floral tape to keep sharp wire stems from poking delicate fingers. Whimsical decorative additions such as butterflies and ribbons help make each artificial floral arrangement unique.

Floral Containment Options

Though it can seem counterintuitive at first, selecting the container before the flowers allows crafters to work from the bottom up. Since the container, be it a foam floral cone, a wooden basket,, or an elegant glass vase,, often limits the types of arrangements one can make, it makes sense to select this crucial design aspect first. When browsing the wide variety of floral containers, shoppers can see the numerous shapes and sizes available. After settling on a favourite, they can begin to dream up an arrangement to fill it.

Foam and Fillers

Many artificial arrangements call for floral foam, also called oasis,, to be placed in the container to hold the flowers in place. Available in blocks or pre-formed shapes, oasis acts as an anchor for the stems. This way, as people build their arrangements, each addition stays put as intended. Without some sort of filler, the artificial flowers are likely to jut out at odd angles. Some crafters like to use alternative fillers such as stones and beads or coloured fish tank gravel to add a decorative touch inside clear containers.

Tips for Selecting and Arranging Artificial Flowers

The words artificial and silk are often used synonymously when referring to fake flowers. These days, silk flowers are made from many different materials, including cotton, polyester, and silk blends, but the name lives on from the early days of artificial flower production. The available selection of synthetic flowers that look real to the naked eye is astonishing. Roses,, lilies,, and orchids are all classic options, amongst many others. Innovative finishes allow some flowers to feel just as nature intended.

By considering the desired style for the arrangement, shoppers can look for appropriate focal points and fillers. Of course, colour cannot be overlooked when selecting flora and foliage. By choosing a particular colour palette, buyers can find artificial floral supplies to match the overarching design scheme. When carefully paired with decorative elements, the resulting arrangement is sure to be a smashing success. As a finishing touch, consider tying a matching ribbon in a bow around the vase.

How to Buy Artificial Floral Supplies on eBay

The eBay Shops and other listings offer an extensive variety of floral supplies suitable for working with live or artificial flowers. To get a feel for all that eBay has to offer, start with a quick search and then browse through the provided results for ideas. After searching broad keywords such as "floral supplies&" or "oasis&", you are likely to find plenty of matching items. By customising the search results page, you can organise the product listings however you like. If there are too many results to consider, narrow down the eBay artificial floral supply options according to characteristics such as price, condition, and colour. Additionally, you can opt to search for specific floral supply items to save time. For example, keyword combinations such as "single stem red rose flower&" or "traditional crystal vase&" are more likely to produce highly focused search results for you to consider.

Do not forget to read the sellers' returns and shipping policies, and be sure to look at their feedback scores. When choosing a seller, remember that sellers with a lot of positive feedback are likely to provide you with quality merchandise and good customer service.

Create eBay Shopping Lists for Artificial Floral Projects

Keeping track of the various flowers and supplies for your next arrangement can be tricky. By taking advantage of the eBay list-making tools, you can easily remember which floral supplies go together. Along with a Watch List and Wish List,, eBay also allows you to make personalised shopping lists. Give each a relevant title, and then add potential artificial floral supply purchases to the appropriate list. When you are ready to finalise a transaction, the requisite items can be found in one convenient location.


With a little effort, a bit of imagination, and a well-stocked arsenal of artificial floral supplies, crafters create exquisite flower arrangements throughout the year. Enthusiasts consider artificial floral arranging to be quite separate from working with live flowers. Silk flowers with plastic or wire stems behave a bit differently than real flowers when grouped together, but on the plus side, they do not need much additional care. When a home is decorated with elegant artificial floral arrangements, it makes life a little brighter, even in the dead of winter. Everyone benefits from a little colour therapy now and then.

The eBay Shops and other listings offer a wide variety of artificial floral supplies for experts and beginners. Using classic techniques and styles as their guide, shoppers can focus on flowers that go together perfectly. Often, it makes sense to choose the base or vase before the blossoms and foliage, especially when attempting to recreate a particular type of arrangement. Artificial flowers that look lovely in an ornamental centrepiece are not always versatile enough for any format. For this reason, buyers are urged to work from the bottom up, carefully choosing artificial floral supplies as they go.

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