Ashton Drake Collectable Dolls

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Ashton drake dolls.

Ashton drake dolls from Maxedupgifts are handcrafted of RealTouch® vinyl to recreate every hand-sculpted detail and the softness of a reborn baby skin.Some of our newborn baby dolls are weighted and poseable to feel so real in your arms! The eyelashes and hair are crafted with material that feels just like a real, fingernails and toenails have a small line of white painted on them, making them look just like the real thing. Your be amazed at the how lifelike Ashton Drake dolls are.

Please note Ashton Drake Dolls are NOT toys they are designed as collectables.
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Care for your dolls.

Maxedupgifts do our best to portray images of our products listed as accurately as possible however we cannot guarantee that they will look exactly the same in reality as they do in the advertised images,some of which our suppliers supply us with.We do advise our customers to take a look on youtube to see the actual dolls.

Ashton Drake Dolls are NOT toys, Ashton drake dolls are fine collectables to be enjoyed by adult collectors and not designed to be played with or have the clothing removed..
Ashton-Drake's So Truly Real dolls are made from a patented vinyl skin. Not only do these dolls have the trademark visual appeal of Ashton Drake, but they feel real to the touch as well.
  • If you choose to store your Ashton-Drake collection rather than display it, wrap the dolls in acid-free white tissue paper and store in a climate-controlled location.
  • Ashton Drake Dolls are made specifically to collect.
  • Don't let children play with the dolls as this will decrease their value.
  • Ashton Drake Dolls are not suitable to be washed, wet in any way, or roughly handled.
  • Never put your Ashton Drake collection in the sunlight as clothes and skin colours may fade.
  • Avoid storing your dolls in their original packaging because the acid in the packaging could cause damage.
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