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I am 20 years old and have asymmetric breasts with one breast being one cup size bigger than the other. I think this is fairly common and also realise that some women have it much worse than me. I have been doing a lot of research on the internet with regards to this condition as I really wanted to try something to help. I went to see my doctor with regards to getting something done about them on the NHS but the answer was basically no as my condition was not as bad as some women who can be up to 4 sizes different.I have seen a lot on TV at the moment about the problem too as I think women feel more comfortable talking about it now as they realise how common the condition is. Most women, if not all have one breast bigger than the other and also some are very different shaped. After reading lots of info it seems that some women opt for surgery but this is not something I would want to do as I am scared of the health risks and also I feel I am too young for that at the moment as I still want children.I also simply don't have the money to spend £4000 on surgery.
I read an article about a suction device that is being trailed by the |NHS at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh to try and help women even out asymmetric breasts.The trails are unfortunately not being done in my area so there is no hope of me getting a chance to trail the system as I would have loved to have been chosen to try out the system. The system is called Enhance breast enlargement system and I searched for it on the web and found the website. The system is quite expensive and costs about £169 or about $299 but it does have good results and the NHS only trail treatments that they think will work. You can buy all sorts of suction things on the internet but beware as when I have researched them they are very poor quality and not medical grade equipment like Enhance uses. I decided that it was worth paying for the system myself rather than waiting for it to become available on the NHS as this could take years and they may not even give it to me on the NHS as my breasts are actually not that bad.
I bought the system through there website about 7 weeks ago after speaking with them about my condition (they were very helpful). I had to get the system with an extra connector to use on just one breast as the system is originally designed for use on both breasts. The connector is included free, you just have to email them and ask for it.I am into about my 6th week now of wearing the system for around 4 hours a day and I am really pleased to say I can see an improvement. My left breast, which is the smaller one is defiantly slightly bigger and fuller and my size is breasts is far less noticeable. This small increase in size on my left breast has made a huge change to me. Some people may not even notice but because I have lived with this I can see any small change and I feel so much better in myself. I am hoping after another 6 weeks of wear that my breast may grow even more. I would recommend women with my same condition give this a go as it is so much safer than surgery. I think eventually it will be available on the NHS but it could take years to be brought out across the county and there is still no guarantee that the NHS will pay for each individual case so it is worth getting it yourself. The website is take a look.
Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and I guess if this has helped just one other women with my condition then it was worth writing!

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