Attention All Sellers: Paypal Hold Petition

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I am passionate about Ebay seller protection and have created a parliamentary petition in order to get the holds that PayPal place on our money stopped as they are unfair to all Ebay sellers.
Some of us on here are eBay veterans and have many years experience and yet we too get lumped with these holds even when the conditions for not receiving a hold are met!.
PayPal still take their fees though don’t they?!
Many of you on here complain about the holds, I have seen these all over the internet and on forums.  We only need 5 signatures to go live on the parliament website and then we need 100,000 signatures to get it debated. 

I am unable to post the link directly here as Ebay will not allow me to post an external link in this guide. Message me on eBay for the link to my petition. 

We need to get as much attention for this as possible to get it sorted. I do not have social media myself (I hate Facebook etc) however if you do have a facebook page etc, then feel free to share the link to my petition as you wish.
Hopefully we can make a difference here!

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