Audi A4 1995 - 2000

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As you know, Audi do VW and Skoda and also have their fingers in a few other pies. Before i had learnt to drive and i was picking a car for myself, i was told that the best car to pick would be an Audi.

Of course, i asked.. why???

'Easy to drive, economical and reliable..'  And do you know what? They were right..

I was given a 1995 Audi A4 (90). It was wonderful to drive compared with a Citroen i had been palmed off with. The A4 had high mileage and the tappits were rattling, but i drove the car 2 years before this was fixed. The car never missed a beat. Started first time.. the gears were soft and smooth.. the clutch was as light as a feather.. viewing out of the windows was lovely as there were no blind spots. we all do.. we fancy a change at some point in our lives and i swapped it for a VW Passat, and this was just the same as the A4 but with more power! Then i was stupid enough to ditch the VW and get a Chrysler. Oh Doh on me!!

After a few months i have come full circle.. and guess what im driving now?! Another A4!!

Even though these cars are fantastic, and you can get a semi decent A4tdi for short of a thousand pound, there are still bad points.

But.. the Good points are...!!!

Economic.. can get up to 50 - 55 mpg (tdi)

Roomy and comfortable

Handles fantastic

manual box is better than auto, and diesel engine is better than petrol

Not rust buckets!



Bad points..

avoid red Audi's and VW's.. the paint dulls off and needs constant waxing!

leaks on sunroof models.. but usually fixed when cleaning under battery casing for the sunroof 'guttering'

high mileage usually means a lot of rattles and bangs under the bonnet

interior material seems to be a magnet for dirt

suspension doesnt seem to last long

and if you have the 1995 model like we do.. sunroofs break and windows and doors stop working..!!!


Though in all.. they are damn good cars. I suppose if your undortunate enough to get a bad one then you will prob be seething at the cost of the parts. Breakers are the best place to get bits from.

I love the A4 and i wont be making the same mistake again. What you have to remember, nothing is built to last and at the end of the day our 1995 A4 has no rust on it and is 14 years old and its fantastic, but its still an old car..


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