Audi TDI Buying Guide

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Audi TDI Buying Guide

The Audi Company has a reputation for producing cars built with intelligent design and solid construction. This reputation has never held truer than when considering the Audi TDI vehicle range. They are powerful, high-performance vehicles that can boast considerably low fuel usage when compared with other commuter class vehicles.

These turbo diesel injection (TDI) vehicles often do not seem to get the attention they deserve as fuel-efficient vehicles that far outperform the popular hybrids and electric vehicles in just about every tested category. While TDI vehicles do fall slightly behind the popular hybrids in the fuel economy mpg rating, most experts and consumers alike give far better ratings in the categories of driver/passenger comfort, cargo capacity, performance, and handling.

These high ratings result in a more enjoyable driver experience overall. These are just some of the reasons to consider one of the many Audi TDI vehicles when in the market for a fuel-efficient car that has a low environmental impact. When considering the purchase of a vehicle that has high performance, do not overlook the fuel-efficient Audi TDI line.

The Audi TDI Compared to Other Green Car Options

While most green cars, such as hybrids or electric vehicles, have only recently hit the scene and only have a very few years of development into them so far, diesel vehicles have been around for decades. Traditionally, these vehicles have had the reputation of having greasy engines and being noisy, with that characteristic constant diesel clatter. They are also known for being high priced vehicles that run on fuel that is distinct from traditional petrol and costs more. This is how many consumers have seen diesel powered vehicles in the past, and some people have difficulty changing this perception, even during the recent turn towards green cars.

Today's Audi Turbo Diesel Injection Option is Truly Green

In the past, when in the market for a new car, it has been easy for consumers to reject the diesel commuter option, ignoring the facts that they typically get far more miles to the gallon than the average petrol vehicle while generally requiring far less maintenance. Many consumers quickly overlook that they are also more durable and tend to last far longer than the average petrol fuelled vehicle.

Their reputation for being noisy and greasy may still hamper some consumer's ability to see them as a truly green option, but many experts are excited about their possibilities. With the increased interest in green transportation, consumers are taking a second look at what the Audi TDI vehicles bring to the market in the combination of fuel efficiency that does not compromise performance, interior space, or superior handling. Many of the hybrid or electronic alternatives cannot make such claims, forcing the consumer to sacrifice these features in an effort to increase fuel economy.

Surprising to many car buyers, Audi's turbo diesel injection is very green indeed. With so many years of development incorporated into the current designs, most diesel engines are far cleaner and that tell-tale diesel clatter has been greatly reduced to a simple tick. This is especially true for the Audi TDI vehicle line, which has been developed over the last several decades to offer the consumer a low maintenance, economical option in the face of rising fuel costs and greater environmental awareness.

Audi TDI Vehicles are Competitively Priced

Diesel fuelled vehicles,, including the Audi TDI, do still cost more than a comparable petrel fuelled car does, but that may not be a fair comparison. The engines on TDI powered vehicles are expected to last decades and still run very well, even at high mileage. With that in mind, consider that the design and construction of these sturdy and stylish vehicles also have staying power. The interior and exterior details include many design features that have stood the test of time and even some that now set the mark for the direction design will go in the future.

Also, while they may cost more than a comparable petrol fuelled vehicle, they are far less expensive than many other green options. Performance and comfort are two other areas in which the TDIs outdo the competition. Besides the quality construction of the Audi TDI, experts and consumers alike also consider these vehicles leaders when it comes to combining green car efficiency with performance and passenger comfort, especially when compared to other green car options. Many car designs that have made fuel efficiency a prime goal have compromised vehicle handling and comfortable interior design in order to do so. The Audi TDI line preserves these features while still incorporating more technology and fuel-efficient features.

The Audi TDI Design Offers More Cargo Room

Many other types of green cars save on fuel consumption in a number of different ways, including using tyres that are optimal for fuel efficiency at the sacrifice of performance and handling. These vehicles are also typically very small and do not have a very large load capacity, both of which affect the car's fuel consumption. Many of the cars in the Audi TDI vehicle range are considered mid-sized, offering ample cargo and passenger space. Because the TDI design relies heavily on the engine design to obtain optimum fuel efficiency, the design does not sacrifice performance or handling in an effort to minimise fuel consumption.

Audi TDI Vehicles

Audi produces several TDI vehicles that are available for sale in the UK. In fact, a large portion of vehicles sold in the UK are diesel powered and many of those are the Audi TDIs. Two of the most popular are the Audi A3 TDI and the Audi Q7 TDI. Both seat at least four passengers and can haul plenty of gear around while still maintaining excellent fuel efficiency. The A3 is a four door hatchback while the Q7 is a full size SUV. Several other available models offer the consumer an opportunity to own well-equipped, efficient transportation regardless of their vehicle preferences.

The Audi A3 TDI

The Audi A3 TDI is a premium, German compact hatchback equipped with Audi's turbo diesel injection (TDI) engine. It seats five people, four comfortably, as do most similarly sized vehicles. This stylish car is able to compete with its petrol counterpart in the areas of power and performance, something that most other, non-TDI green cars cannot boast. When compared to other vehicles in its class that are considered to be green, the A3 takes the lead, providing more power, greater cargo room, and superior handling.

The Audi Q7 TDI

For drivers who need more seating or more cargo space, the Audi Q7 TDI is a full size sport utility vehicle that seats seven with room to spare. While this TDI vehicle does not get near the same mileage as other green vehicles, for the size of vehicle that it is, the number of passengers it seats, and the amount of available cargo space, it is tough to beat this efficiency. Most Q7 packages include standard leather interior as well as Audi's Multi Media Interface (MMI), a system that integrates the cars media, entertainment, and other systems and provides access through one interface.

Buying an Audi TDI Vehicle on eBay

When shopping for an Audi TDI,, remember that there is an alternative to the high prices and limited selection available at the local dealership. Shopping online for one on eBay is a great way to save time and money. It is also a good choice for the consumer who is in the market for a specific Audi TDI vehicle that includes a certain desired package or feature.

Audis are built to last many years, look sharp, and perform well even when several years old. For these reasons, buyers who are open to considering the many available used vehicles that eBay sellers list open up the door to a much broader selection. When purchasing a vehicle online, be sure to do the necessary research and evaluate the car extensively. This includes checking relative ratings and reviews for the specific model and year being considered. Also, closely examine all available pictures and the wording of the description, asking questions of the seller when necessary.


Car buyers who are interested in a fuel-efficient yet powerful and high performing alternative to the available hybrids and electric cars may want to consider Audi ' s TDI vehicle range. These fuel-efficient vehicles utilise the renowned turbo diesel injection engine technology and other features that give them high power without compromising on superior handling, passenger comfort, or cargo capacity. Audi produces TDI vehicles in a number of different body types, making this a wise choice for a large variety of different drivers.

As is typical of the Audi name, the car buyer who considers a TDI vehicle can expect to find design features that stand above the competition, technology that is leading the industry, and stylish details that make these vehicles true head-turners. Any consumer who is in the market for an upscale vehicle is wise to consider the Audi TDI to be amongst the top of the list. This is especially so for the consumer who is environmentally minded, interested in fuel economy, and who wants these features without compromising on performance and cargo space.

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