Audi quattro 2001

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The Audi 2001 2.4 Quattro, a drive with the added luxury at a fraction of the cost.
be aware however that buying a second hand motor does sometimes come
with problems. 
Our "perfectly" advertised car ended up a car buyers nightmare, was in limp mode and after spending hundreds trying to diagnose the car it turned out we had bought a faulty car with a dodgy ECU. 
My advice is do the research, apparently it's a common fault with Audi cars from 2001 and upwards as the drain holes get clogged with leaves. 
Always test drive the car,ask the seller loads of questions, make sure you have researched the car before buying, does it look like it has any major work
done, is the gearbox sluggish, does it feel good to drive. 
Save yourself the pain and splashing out more cash buying someone's worst nightmare of a car because they know the problem and you don't! 

We we got ours fixed, but it was sure worth it, she drives like a dream, gets lots  of compliments and isn't bad on insurance. Her sound system is amazing, the power behind her is amazing, and for what we got her for the price was worth it even though she was a headache for a year, yes a year we had problems!!
the seats are comfy, she has electric fabric seats, climate control, air con, just a little beauty of a car. 


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