Audio Setup with RCA PHONO leads to your Amplifier

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Nearly every piece of audio / visual you buy now has a way of connecting it to your amplifier in this brief guide I will explain the basics.

Firstly you dont need mega expensive amplifiers and leads to get the sound from your DVD / TV or games console to come out of your stereo! Most stereos have an AUX IN or LINE IN on the back that looks like this:

This type of connection is called a PHONO connection - also know as RCA and Component. If you have this it means you can switch your stereo to AUX or LINE and it will amplfy any sound you connect to it! So now all you have to do is connect your TV / DVD or Games Console!

If you look on the back of your TV, Sky box or DVD player you should see identical connections. If you all you need is a lead to connect the two and bingo you have amplified sound! The connections are normally like pictured above - white for left and red for right channel - if you have many different colours your device will probably have surround sound outputs but if you look closely it should have in amongst them the RIGHT (red) and LEFT (white) plugs still - this is for normal stereo output.

The lead you will need to buy will look like this (just called a phono or rca lead):

Make sure you buy the correct lengh and this can be anything from 1 metre to 10 or 20 metres if you need it to cross a room. You simply connect the corrisponding plugs to the correct colour. So red & white in your dvd / tv and red & white into your AUX / LINE IN on your stereo. When you are done put on your DVD / TV or whatever you have connected - put on your stereo and swicth it to AUX and you are done! I tend to turn the volume of the TV right down and just use the stereo and you sometimes get an echo effect.

If you want to connect more than one device to your stereo this is easy too you can either buy a switch box which simply allows you to switch from one source to another (example shown below is 5 sources out to 1 so you could connect 5 devices to your stereo):

Many different switch boxes are available - if you get one with more connections on than you need it wont do any harm it will just give you more room if you need them in the future. Or if you dont want to get a switch box you can buy what they called stackable cables which is a cable that plugs into your AUX in but then lets you plug another lead into the back of it - so you "stack up" the connections - they look like this:

Notice how the one end has a regular RCA plug and the other end has a socket on the back of the plug allowing you to plug in another cable. This is normally ideal if you just want two items into the one socket - any more than that I would suggest you get a switch box as it would be tidier.

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