Audioromy M-6v6 Integrated Tube/Valve Amplifier

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I recently purchased one of these fantastic little Chinese made amplifiers ( I was very doubtful before buying ) Having always bought British 'top end' equipment i.e ( Cy*us, Na*m, L*nn etc ) ( the first of which  I can say from personal experience arn't that good, the internet is full of faulty examples ) I expected the build quality to be far more inferior & I thought the sound couldn't possibly match the afore mentioned equipment. ** I couldn't have been more wrong ** The build quality is easily as good & the sound ( after approx 6 hours of 'burn in time' from the tubes/valves 'as they were brand new' ) simply blew me away. The musical detail this amp produces is simply 'stunning'. I can hear detail from my music collection I have never heard before.

Listening to one of these amplifiers is highly recommended. They arn't just good. Theyre fantastic. Especially when you consider you can pick one up ( Brand new from as little as about £180 ) ( my previous Amplifer costs about £1000 brand new ) & this new tube/valve amp simply blows it clean out of the water. ( some people may disagree with this review. But they are wrong. Ha )

Dont take my babbling as 'gospel truth' listen/demo one for yourself ( I GUARENTEE YOU WILL AGREE ) 

I am not Chinese & I dont have shares in the company. I simply want people to realise that top quality equipment is available on a budget ( which is very rare these days )

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