Australian - New Zeland - UGGS! Whats Fake?

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Hi, Im just writing this to members worried about what Ugg boots are genuine etc. Ugg boots originate from Australia. It is a style of usually sheepskin, suede or leather boot. Deckers make what most people consider *Real Uggs* well, perhaps thats what you want on your feet - it is your choice, However - I have 7 pairs of ugg boots. 1 Pair of Deckers made in china - 1 pair of nightfall Uggs from New Zeland - 3 pairs made in Australia (The best quality ones I have!) and 2 U.K versions!
One of the Uggs I wear are Jumbo's and 3 of my others are the hard soled kind & are FAB! They ALL have an Ugg Label to the heel and are all Genuine by their makers.
Ugg Australia make terrific boots - hard wearing and the quality is second to none!
You cant get fooled by a boot made from the country it originated from - especially (as in 2 of my cases) they were shipped to me from Oz, with no extra's added for U.K delivery.
I think (like I once did) people want a bargain, so they bid on the deckers just because the Ugg Logo on the heel is the one which is considered that worn by the rich & Famous but rest assured, Britney, Moss, Sienna, Jason Donovan to name but a few - ALL wear Australian made ugg boots....
So there ya go!
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