Authentic Designer Sunglasses-GUCCI,ARMANI,D&G,PRADA$$$

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So many people are purchasing designer fake goods on eBay, that eBay themself can't seem to catch them all. Well, I am here to give you a few good tips on "How to Spot A Fake". First and Foremost, all Sunwear Manufacturer's give their specific Glasses, model #'s. You should ALWAYS be able to ask the seller what the model # of the frame is, and they should be able to give you that info. Secondly, color codes are given to the sunglasses as well. A code of YB7 for example is a silver color, or 807 is usually black. A few other tips are that the product should come with a manufacturer's Warranty for minimal 12 month period, if it is infact a Brand New Model. Cases are also a Big Stop Sign if they are fake or not. Most people on Ebay do sell Genuine product, but there are Many More that are fakes. Anything usually coming from Japan, China, Thailand, Australia etc., are usually fakes that you can get for 5.00 on Canal St, in NYC. Be Wise, Read the Sellers Feedback, and if the info above is not granted, do not bid. Also if they do give you model #, check it out on multiple search engines to see if Legitimate On-line Retailers are selling the same model #, color, and style of the frame you are interested in.  I hope this helps. I hate seeing people make $ off of others saying something is Real, when it's not. We are talking about protecting your eyes, not just fashion as well. These fakes do not carry the same UV protection or polarization that the legitimate Manufacturer's layer their lenses with. So be careful, safe and Happy Bidding
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