Authentic chanel or your money back ?? be careful

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Looking for a genuine Chanel bag on ebay ,PLEASE BE CAREFUL ,dont be fooled like I was ,I had been looking for a nice one for a long time and was thrilled when I came across a seller who seemed to be selling fabulous nearly new authentic Chanel bags ,he had good feedback too I emailed him a good few times before I made my purchase I cant remember exactly how much i paid but it was a good few hundred pounds ,the thing that made up my mind was that he told me to take it in to any Chanel shop and if it wasnt genuine i would instantly have my money back so there we go I bought it ,it did arrive quite quickly in all fairness , as soon as i saw it I had my doubts ,I instantly rang  a Chanel store in  London and the young man there said yes I could send the bag to them reg post as I live in Wales,and they would look at it for me ,I waited a few days and rang the store it turned out that the young man who had answered the phone to me had got it wrong Chanel dont like doing this and he should never have agreed to it, however because they had it there they rang head office and they agreed to look at it for me ,this took weeks in the end I was right it was a fake and further more they couldnt return it too me because of this which I suppose is fare enough,I contacted the seller and told him my news he point blank refused to give me a refund and called me a luyer, I at this point got very worried I had no bag and was out of pocket ,luckily id paid by paypal and there was a chance id get my money back I had to get a letter from Chanel to confirm that the bag was a copy then inform trading standards of my transaction it was all getting very messy and upsetting not to mention totaly embarrassing all this took weeks and weeks paypal even had to extend my claim deadline ,at the end of it all I did get all my money back as the seller was still trading ,but im sure not everone is as lucky as I was,having said that not all sellers are con artists but there are alot about ,I hope my experience has been helpful to those who are considering a costly purchase".Just Be Careful"



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