Auto Glym Lifeshine con trick

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I had this applied to my Audi A6 by an authorised valetting team and after only a few weeks the water failed to bead anymore. Dirt did not fall away when washing, as I had been led to believe, neither did tree sap. The AutoGlym brochure makes huge claims e.g. protects against industrial fall-out, acid rain etc. but when bird droppings had been on the car for only two hours they marked the paintwork.
Try to make a claim under the so-called "warranty" and the valetter will refer you to AutoGlym who wriggle and give all manner of excuses e.g. "bird droppings not covered" but acid rains is!!
I have used Auto Glym products for over 15 years and found them very good but Lifeshine is no better than a good polish and costs you a great deal of money
In fact I am so angry at the irresponsible behaviour and misleading way in which AutoGlym has behave that I have now switched to Meguirs and find their products even better and a nicer company to deal with.
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