Autoglym Lifeshine

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There are a few reviews advising people not to buy this - I suspect these come from people with vested interests, anyway I had ordered the kit before I read those.....

Having used Autoglym Resin and sealant for many years but baulked at paying £250 to have the dealer do the Lifeshine treatment. Kit came promptly in sealed box, easy to apply but the paint sealant requires a bit of elbow grease.

I was a bit nervous about spraying the sealant on the seats as the Skoda  VRS has light suede inserts but bit the bullet and gave it a go, no problems, no shading, the white deposit on black carpets and upholstry was a little disconcerting but it soon disappeared to leave the surfaces looking as new.

Followed it all up with a coat of resin polish and extra gloss sealant as recommended in the care pack that comes with the £250 job.

Was it worthwhile - yes -finish superb, for the cost of the kit it's got to be worth a punt.

Does it last - ask me in 6 months.

Update 5/11/2010 - Just given the car its winter polish - autoglym seemed to go on easier than on a non lifeshined car, finish still superb, seats and interior still unmarked. My advice would be to give a DIY Lifeshine a go.


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