Automotive Light Reset Kits

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Automotive Light Reset Kits


Maintaining a vehicle is sometimes challenging, especially when warning lights come on, and owners have no idea what they mean or how to turn them off. Some indicators are obvious, such as the oil light. In other cases, drivers can check their manuals to find the issue. However, complicated indicators like the "check engine" light have so many different meanings the manual is not always helpful, and drivers may need a diagnostic tool and a light reset kit.

Get a Diagnostic Tool

The computer systems on vehicles have the ability to monitor conditions and notify drivers when something is wrong. It could be anything from low tyre pressure to a failing O2 sensor. The obvious lights make repairs straightforward, but the lights with multiple possibilities require diagnosis to determine the problem. A car diagnostic tool plugs into the vehicle, analyses the issue, and then displays a code. The owner then has to look up the code to know what is wrong with the car. It is imperative that drivers fix the problem before resetting the indicator light. Failing to make the repair before the reset could result in damage to the car, and the indicator light may turn back on right away.

Get an Oil Light Reset Kit

Depending on the vehicle, the oil light could turn on for something as simple as reminding the owner it is time for an oil change. In other cars, the light indicates something much more serious. Use a diagnostic tool or the owner's manual to diagnose the issue. After resolving the problem, plug in an oil light reset tool. Basic reset tools only reset the car's computer and turn off the light, but a dual-purpose tool also runs diagnostics. Make sure any tools used are compatible with the vehicle's year, make, and model.


Get an Airbag Light Reset Kit

An airbag light could indicate a serious malfunction. Because the bag protects the driver in the event of a crash, it is important to find out the cause of the problem right away. The airbag light also comes on after a crash to indicate the airbag deployed. Even after replacing the bag, the light sometimes stays on until resetting it with an airbag reset kit. Simple kits just reset the computer, while others run diagnostics.


Get a Multi-Function Light Reset Kit

Some kits come with the ability to reset multiple indicator lights, including oil, airbag, low tyre pressure, brakes, spark plugs, and more. It may be worth it to invest a little extra to purchase a tool used for more than one purpose.

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