Autotranslation For Deals With Those In Other Lands

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You can often do deals with people in other lands easier by sending messages in their own language. There are a lot of free autotranslator facilities on the www - you can Google for them, and get short messages translated for free. 

Tips to make sure your message will be understood -

Keep your sentences short.

When you have translated something, have it translated back into English to be sure it conveys your meaning. If it doesn't, rephrase that part of your original message and see if the translator can get it right when you put it another way.

Tell the other member how you are communicating with them - give them a link to the autotranslator. They will understand, and forgive small mistakes. I did a deal with an Italian who speaks no English, and I told him about an autotranslator. Now he puts a little English on his listings and gets better bids than he did before I told him! 

The best autotranslator I have found is from Google itself -

http:// com/language_tools/

There are spaces in that link because eBay only allows links to eBay pages in guides - work it out.

If you keep sentences short and remember to translate it back to see if it makes sense, this is a very good way to go forward. This translation service has been used by a lot of spammers, so it has been modified to make it harder for them to "automatically" use the output. Some recent web browsers allow you to select text from a webpage by clicking on a point and dragging the mouse along. Otherwise, you have to "select all" the text, "copy" it to the clipboard, then select "paste special" from the "Edit" menu and "unformatted text" to get the output into Wordpad. Then you can block delete the unwanted stuff from around the translated text, and cut and paste it to reverse the translation. Google used to make it easier, but the system was heavily abused. The quality of the translations is very good. I speak French, get by in German, and understand a lot of Italian and Spanish - this is the best automated service I have found, even if it is tiresome to get the output into useable format.


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