Avoid Bad Sellers

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There are sellers on Ebay using more than one name but all trading separately. Their feedback says it all. They receive money but send out items which are either incomplete or damaged. They then promise to send the correct / missing items but never do.

They also seem to 'forget' to send packages out then refuse to acknowledge receipt of your emails and just refuse to contact you. They also do not send refunds unless it is forced by Paypal.

Lastly, and not leastly, the contact numbers registered on Ebay are incorrect for actually being able to make contact.

The names in question are NEXGEN7, JILLS INTERNET SHOP, BIBZEDS.

I personally complained to Ebay but no further action was taken.

How do they get away with this - you are asking? The answer is simple. They have been trading for a long time and have built up a very high feedback score. It therefore takes a large number of complaints before anything can be done about sellers like this.

My personal recommendation to any prospective buyer is STAY AWAY. It is not worth the hasle.

I hope this helps you.

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