Avoid ''Bid For Info'' Auctions.

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We've all seen them, and i'm sure the same has gone through your head as mine.  We are all curious about this ''special'' information people are selling, and some people even go as far as bidding or buying it.

If your not quite sure which auctions i'm talking about, then i'll give you a general idea.  The seller has a title which catches peoples eye, such as:

LAPTOPS, IPODS, 32'' 37'' 42'' LCD TV - 13 SITES + GUIDE!

Basically, what they are selling is information on where to buy pallets of returned or damaged goods that companies are selling wholesale, at a massively reduced price.  They dress it up as a ''massive opportunity to make money'' or ''make money quickly''.  Talking about dressing it up, they also have a nice picture of a very expensive laptop as the main picture.

This sounds great, right? You pay £4.99 for information such as websites and/or guides and you get to know where to buy lots of reduced, high quality electronic items! 

Well, whilst the pallets of items are true, and the websites may well be ones that sell wholesale from the likes of Argos or Comet, this Ebay auction is a downright scam!  I have seen auctions such as these with around 30 buyers, all at £1.99 each, that's £60! 

Let's do a little test;  Goto google and type in pallets Argos, wholesale pallets, or something else to that effect.  What did you find? Information on where to buy wholesale pallets? Indeed you have, and what did that cost you? About 5 seconds of your time.  This simply shows that some unscroupulous characters are selling people information which is free and easy to find with a couple of simple clicks.

Alot of people who ''sell'' this information also overexaggerate the items that are on the actual pallets.  They list all of the most recently released items such as plasma tvs, playstation 3s and ipods, but what the sites actually sell will be alot less inviting and saleable.

You may be thinking ''this isn't a scam, because your paying for special information which you couldn't find anywhere else'' That is incorrect, this information is widely available for FREE! Don't be taken in by this scam.


Make sure you look out for this type of auction, then give them a wide berth.  If something looks too good to be true. then it usually is.  In this case, the information is mostly true, but you don't need to pay to get it!

If you really want to buy pallets of electronics for a cheap price, then it's definatly available, but make sure you do your research, and buy from a reputable source.  It caneven make you money if you make a business out of it!


I hope this helps people remain safe from scamming and also helps people save a little bit of money!


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