Avoid Ebay Africa Scam

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Simple How To Spot The Ebay Africa Scam Guide

1) Item bought within a couple of minutes of being purchesed:  If you put an high end item on ebay like a computer with buy it now functionallity and it gets bought within a couple of minutes of being active on Ebay be warey of the buyer they're likely to be a scammer this has happend to me twice.

2) Buyer not paying instantly:  If they buyer of your item doesn't pay instantly this could be a sign of a scammer and be careful of you item until ebay actually states item paid for.

3) Buyer emailing you asking you to send item to Africa:   Danger! If the buyer is asking you to send the item to an area you don't send to (even if you've stated you don't send there) and the buyer states he as paid sufficient money for postage do not trust this guy it is definatly a scam! Especially if the place is to africa and the excuse for sending it to Africa is "its a present for my son" or "I help children with HIV/AIDs in Africa so could you send it too..." etc it is FAKE!

4) Fake PayPal & Ebay Emails after seller email about payment:  Now is the bit where you have to be careful, you will get emails from either ebay, paypal or both saying something along the lines of the buyer as paid for your item and you should dispatch it asap and show you how much money the buyer as gave you (this is if its from "Ebay") dont trust this it's a fake used as part of the scam, the email will look like its from ebay but if it doesnt say @ebay.com on the end dont trust it, but even if it does you can't trust it cause the emails can be send "on behalf of Ebay" which will trick the email serivce. And with fake PayPal it'll say something like The payment as been approved and is waiting for you, to claim your money you have to send a tracking ID to this email... etc It's Fake!! Don't trust it PayPal doesn't ask you to do that they're scamming you.

5) Email the buyer your concerns see if they reply:  If they don't reply they know you have caught onto their scam and don't want to contact you anymore, from this point you should warn ebay to your situation and they'll take care of the account.

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