Avoid FRAUD! Purchase safely : Wii, Playstation , DS

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Hi, this is my first review so i do hope this is useful. Everyone knows that on eBay there are various frauds and all, so one must be really careful when purchasing items especially costly ones such as Nintendo Wii's , Play stations etc.

First of all, beware of very cheap consoles, if its too cheap there might be a catch- if its too good its probably is. Check feedback, it could be a very good guideline to who the seller is. Lately I've been seeing quite a few Chinese sellers with around 10 (100% positive) feedback. when I check on each of them, they only bought 1p things that were just there to improve your feedback.

Another thing, make sure you read everything on the bid, even the very small print. i heard of one case where a guy spent quite a lot of money on a new xbox (it was just out). the guy a few days later received the item he bid on -- he received a poster. the guy didn't bother reading all the small print and somewhere small it said that the bid is only for the poster.

I hope this was a bit useful guys, i know there are a really lot of ways to get frauded on ebay and many other sites- just be careful. i would recommend if you'ld like to pre-order a wii, making sure its no fraud or anything, play-asia.com. i got my nintendo ds from there and was totally satisfied by their service.

i'ld be really grateful if you'd use my affiliate link should you decide on following my suggestions, it costs you absolutely nothing and would help me out.

http://www.play-asia.com/SOap-23-83-40ux-49-en.html .


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