Avoid Nintendo Wii Email Scam

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Nintendo Wii Scam Email

It is possible that this could happen to you with other valuable goods you have purchased so please read !

This is My own Experience of buying a Nintendo Wii on eBay in 2008 I purchased the Goods from a seller with a good feedback and everthing was fine !

The goods Arrived and working and in perfect condition , so no problems there !


But then a few days later I recieved an email to thestu92 at googlemail which is not and was not the email i use for eBay

In that email it stated all the information correctly Except for the sellers user name and details and suggesting that they had not yet recieved the payment from me , this email arrived a few days after the sale had ended and I had paid for the goods and they wanted me to pay them via Pay Pal using the Email they sent me via my Googlemail

So my guess is they took the "thestu92" part of my user name and added a random email address account name such as Googlemail to the end in the hope that i would fall for it

If i had not of noticed the email was NOT the original sellers I may have gone through with the money transfer they were asking me for perhaps

So my advice to you is to be very aware of any emails you receive from people stating they haven't received payment , untill you have properly checked it against the orginal sellers details


I'm sharing this experience with you to warn you of this particular Scam as it has only happened to me once

but it could happen to you ! so be aware !!


thank you for taking the time to read this and please dont forget to rate this guide !!!!

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