Avoid buying from someone who knows nothing!

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The purpose of this guide is to guide you away from auctioneers who sell vehicles that they have bought from dealers and large garages and auctions that were traded in as Part ex and / or are knackered!

My experience begins with "Under a grand cars" whom would seem to purchase such cars and sell them as seen. This is fine and I have no problem with it. The problems begin when you want to have a look at the car before handing over your cash. It was a case of "give me the money, the keys are in the car". I am not a qualified macanic nor pretend to be but do like to do a few checks but there was none of this.

These people like to list the cosmetic faults of a car and sell without getting a mechanical check. The above are a "Limited company" and yet don't seem to car that they can sell a car with only 43,000 on the clock that has a blown head gasket, bust waterpump and is in a rather sorry state.

I accept that I should have done more checks and all the rest but this is a limited company that sell goods that are not fit for purpose! I don't think these people give a shit as long as they have their CASH. ( Like to see their tax return at the end of the year )

A mechanical check befoe would have instantly brought this to there attention and as the first time i drove it I found that the temp gauge rose and fell irratically. No where on their add was this mentioned!



These are my views and opinions and in my view are accurate and DONT BUY FROM UNDER A GRAND CARS.

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