Avoid cheap nitro cars

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                                                          ! ! Do not buy cheep nitro R/C cars ! !

Avoid cheap nitro (Ansmann Racing) cars, trucks, they are not made as well as some of the better known brands (HPI) etc. You strugg le to get replacement parts and they are not as strong. My car came from a shop and i still struggle to get the bits for it, and some i've had to wait a month to pick up! Often they are not compatable with other makes that produce stronger ,cheaper, better tested, and most important cheaper parts and hop up's. You will usually pay more anitally, for the (HPI) truck's, car etc but its worth it in the end, I've spent a minimum of £150 on spare parts in around 3months, and two litres of fuel through the thing, along with what i payed for the truck in the first place. I could have had a top of the range HPI savage by now, and if i had to replace the same parts on it (Very doubtful) could have done this for around £75 BNIP of E-Bay.

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