Avoid ebay or paypal - Hacked spammers hijack hoax fake

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To avoid being hacked and having your ebay or paypal id hijacked. there are a few simple rules you need to follow:-

A quick guide to ensure you dont lose your money or your ebay or paypal id's.

There are many ruthless people out there who make money out of our hard work. i have been conned a few times. this is my experience and want to share it with all the newbies or those that havn't been fortunate of being scammed :)

1) You see something you like which is extremly cheap and hard to believe - this is most likely true, it is hard to believe so stay away.

If your still interested in the item then a few things to note:- pay via paypal as it has protection for buyers. never pay via WESTERN UNION as they will not track your items or chase up the seller when you have found out that you have been ripped off and they (Western Union) knows who the person recieving the money is.

2) If you get paypal or ebay emails saying to update account information or they are upgrading security etc,,, NEVER CLICK THE LINK ON THE EMAIL. You will definatly get many emails regularly which looks like genuine ebay or paypal emails. just remember one thing i say "NEVER CLICK THE LINK ON THE EMAIL". what you do is log-on to ebay or paypal from another browser and check your account details their. IF ebay or paypal have actions for you then they will be shown on your account.

These fake emails are there to capture your user details. Then they can hack in to your account and change user details so you cant access and they are in control.

This has happened to us a few times and it isnt nice at all. you are not in control of your id and other customers are being ripped of as these hackers will not send out the items once they recieve the money.

3) Change your ebay password regularly, we change ours every 3 months. Paypal passwords are fairly secure. Using MIXED caps is highly recommended.

If you are unsure that you clicked on the link from emails then change the password to be safe. If in doubt change your details.


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