Avoid fake Diesel Jeans and gear

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I'd have to say that around 90% of the Diesel jeans for sale on ebay are low quality fakes, every now and again you will find some fakes that are pretty good, but they are still fakes. There are a number of things to look for when buying Diesel jeans on ebay that can save you from buying a fake.

  •  FEEDBACK MEANS NOTHING, it does not matter if the user has 99/100% feedback with hundreds of sales. The vast majority of users do not know that they have been buying fake tat and not all that do know will give negative feedback.

  • Price: The items 'buy now' price or reserve is a good guide that can tell you whether an item is fake or genuine. Diesel jeans will sell on the highstreet for anywhere between £70-150. Now stop and think, there is no way such a product could be sold at the rock bottom prices you find on ebay. I would say that any Diesel item that is selling for under £45 (inc. p+p) is a cheap fake. Why is this? Well the cheapest you will ever find Diesel items on the highstreet is £50 from TK Maxx, hence it is a good guide. TK Maxx are selling excess stock, usually undesirable sizes, styles, and washes which they can obtain for low prices do to their selling power. Your average ebayer will not be able to undercut such a store by a large margin.

  • Price ii: General rules for pricing:  £20 and below,  a100% fake unless the item is second hand; £20 - 40, 98% a fake; £40-60, at this point genuine items will be mixed in with fakes. Many 'good' fakes are priced at this level by sellers to make the prices seem reasonable, whilst giving them good profits. Act with caution in this area; £60 and up, fakes are found much less at this level, but you will find fakes of the newest and most expensive designs.

  • Spotting a fake: There are many authenticity markings on genuine Diesel jeans and when you get the item in your hands it will only take a few seconds to identify a fake from the genuine article. Take a look at www.djbocaj.com/diesel.html for what to look for. The microstitching is the killer authenticity check, no fakes have been spotted with genuine microstitching.
Remember to get your money back on ANY fakes you buy. It is ILLEGAL to knowingly sell fake items, and it is illegal to actually post them. If the seller gets fussy then threaten to report them. Always use Paypal when dealing with clothing on ebay and you will find claiming your money back to be easy.
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