Avoid fake Sony MDR-EX90LP Headphones.....

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I recently bought what I found to be fake headphones and when looking at the seller's history saw that he had sold a large number of these in the past.  On contacting one of the previous buyers they said that their's were fakes but no negative feedback anywhere....

Had an email from the seller saying that

"hi, i am sorry, i didnt realise they were fake. i thought i bought them from a reliable wholesaler. please could you kindly send tehm back and remove negative feedback and i will send a full refund. again i am really sorry for the inconvienience.

That explains the 1 mutually withdrawn feedback the seller had which meant that I and many others went on to get ripped off.  So for everyone who has just bought some headphones if you got fakes then please just feedback they were fakes and not how great the delivery was.....

Here's how I realised they were fakes....

1. Use google images for pictures of the real deal (1 shown below)

2. Fakes probably have no leather case which is listed on the packaging as a content - guess that costs too much

3. Fakes feel plastic and not aluminium - it's lighter and feels warm rather than cold metallic

4. Fakes have a mould seam running across the silver part of the earphone

5. Fakes don't have the black ring/seal shown in the picture to the left of the SONY logo

5. Fakes have the SONY logo printed elsewhere

6. They don't sound better than your current headphones

Below is a picture of my fake headphones, you can see the mould seam, lack of a black ring, and it looks plasticky


By the way - the seller has now sent me 3 messages asking for me to return the goods so he can refund my money....hmmm so I send him them back get my money back and then what happens to the returned headphones...maybe they end up on ebay.....again....  I'm pushing for a refund via paypal and waiting to see if trading standards, ebay or Sony want to see the fakes before throwing them away.


Ignored all the emails from Paypal to return the goods and used the contact email option - they have now said I mustn't return the goods as this is illegal and so should get a refund in the end.  Have also got in touch with trading standards from the seller's home area.

Bought a genuine pair from play.com (sorry ebay but I think they are all fakes at £25.99) and the originals have 'blister packaging' that you need to cut open - fakes were just slide open the back cardboard.  The originals also have a leather(?) case which is like a little box to hold the headphones.  Photos below are of the real deal....(plus they sound great)


*** Update some more

Paypal are now asking me to get an independent expert to verify that they are fakes (at my own cost) and within 10 days or the claim lapses.  Maybe this is why everyone just sends the fakes back to the seller, retracts feedback and then gets a full refund - at least they then get their money back and the fakes can be sold to the next person.  Will see what paypal do next (and probably lose my £25)

Just had my first negative feedback in 84 transactions :-<  and I quote:

"was offered refund, items were unopended so wasnt aware of the quality"  - oh so the seller wasn't aware that the piles of headphones he was shifting were fakes......still doesn't make it right does it.  Happy to see thought that after 3 negative feedbacks in a month he has nothing listed.


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