Avoid getting sold fake designer goods - Important!

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I've recently been venturing into selling designer goods such as Ralph Lauren, Lacsote and Abercrombie. After researching for several days and speaking to a few people in the industry I've learnt a few things that I think are important for the Ebay community to understand and learn from.


Buying Lacoste from Ebay sellers is one of the ones that you should be especially wary off. I contacted them and they stated to me, categorically, that they have very tight distribution lines and their Polos/Jumpers are very hard to get ahold of unless you're buying in large quantities (in the thousands of pounds). They also advised me that the majority of people selling Lacoste goods on Ebay are selling fakes and they know this because their only authorised distributor in the UK keeps track of all its sales and there is no way people can be selling them this cheap on Ebay unless it's second hand or has been bought from a retailer. My advice is that only buy when the listing is detailed, from a reputable seller and guarantees authenticity with pictures.

Abercrombie and Fitch

Abercrombie is another brand selling very well on Ebay (especially since it opened its store in Saville Row), this has been great news for many buyers because it means they can get a usually very expensive brand for cut down prices. Most sellers of Abercrombie are selling genuine goods although there is still a sizeable amount that are selling fakes and I'll show you how to spot them. Abercrombie will usually only sell in their latest goods in their own shops or big department stores in the USA. They do not, I repeat do not sell their latest lines to wholesalers. You even check for yourselves, you wont find a reputable website or retailer in the UK who sells Abercrombie, only Ebayers. This is becuase it's impossible to but it wholesale. If an Ebayer claims to be selling brand new, Abercrombie clothes that has only recently been released they are most likely selling you a fake. A genuine seller will have surplus lots from last season or will have bought it themselves from Abercrombie.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren are a much more tricky than others. They're much more liberal with their distribution so there are in fact, many Ebayers who are selling genuine Ralph Lauren clothes. However, I'd advise you to be especially wary of people selling Big Pony Polos and most other Ralph Lauren Polos because from past experience I've found that a large percentage of these are fakes. When buying Ralph Lauren, always try to get a guarantee from the seller that they're authentic and ask for evidence.

Here are some of my top tips for avoiding getting scammed into buying fakes:

Don't be afraid to ask questions - If the listing doesn't state that it's authentic and has a picture to prove it, don;t be afraid to ask the seller if he can provide you some evidence!

2) Be wary of items from Asia - Lacoste Polos are manufactured in Peru, Ralph Lauren in the USA and Hong Kong and so on. If someone claims to be selling them from Thailand or anywhere else in Asia they will mostly likely be a fake. Personally, I only trust sellers from Western countries unless they have a good reputation and can prove authenticity.

3) Ask around - What I sometimes do to check if a Ebayer is of good standing is that I go to their feedback and ask some of their previous clients. I'll just ask simply about their experince with the seller and if there's anything that I should know (do this politely of course) and they're usually responsive. This has saved me from wasting a lot of money in the past. There's no harm in doing this nor is it against the rules of Ebay but it can go a long to ensuring you don't get scammed.

4) If it seems to good to be true... - it usually is.

That's my first review and hopefully it's helped you gain some knowledge to identify fake goods that are getting more rife in Ebay by the day.
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