Avoid this seller papillonpont at all costs!

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I've just had a vile experience with a seller called: papillonpont. I bought (and paid via Paypal on the day of winning the bid - check transaction for details) a Star Wars figure from him on the 18th May this year. I then waited for the figure to arrive...

I waited over a whole month and then decided to contact him. I never heard anything! so after two e-mails I decided to contact Paypal so that I can make a claim against him for goods not received and hopefully get a refund.

I waited and waited and miraculously the figure arrived a day ago but it was one month too late and to add insult it was broken! the head had been snapped off. I was furious and left negative feedback: TOOK 1 MONTH TO ARRIVE! head BROKEN off! NO reply to ANY e-mails! V BAD SELLER.

He then counteracted with this (the cheek of it!) negative feedback about me: never paid for item for weeks then left bad feedback do not rade with this user. (May I add I paid for the item via Paypal on the day I won the bid - check the transaction)

I then followed up with this negative feedback: LIES! I paid 18th May & it took 1 month to arrive - VILE TWISTED NASTY SELLER!!

This is a warning to all those buyers out there, always check a buyers feedback when bidding for an item? and always check the response in their seller/buyer feedback section too. You may get your fingers burnt by someone trying to pull a fast one, and judging by the seller I had a bad experience with, he has negative feedback as long as his arm, read examples from his feedback profile:  

V.slow to despatch, no response to email, packaged very poorly and arrived open.

Had to wait ages for item to arrive and came with 2nd class stamp on!

The object never arrived and the salesman kept the money! Swindler!

will not use again as postage for a normal envelope was 44p but charged £2.39!

very high postage for such a small figure put just in a envelope!

Reported items as unpaid with no contact than admitted payment received!!!

never received item, contacted seller, he responded but never sent item!

How's about splashing out on a decent padded envelope next time eh cheap skate?

Do Not Buy From This Guy - Sells Duff Items- Threatens Buyer with Neg feedback!

Sold a broken item, badly packed, blamed me or the post No Refund Buyers Beware!


envelope arived 13-12-06 badly torn!

30 day wait no items received Paid via paypal on 21/11

BEWARE. Do not buy from. Threatens others when asked to combine postage.

VERY HIGH Postage, CHARGED £1.97 & Actual Postage was 44p. Never Answered Emails!

BE WARNED. makes threats to beat you up. im still in one piece LOL!


All can be seen on his feedback page.

So be warned! avoid the seller: papillonpont at all costs! Good luck.


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