Avoiding bad sellers... My story

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My horror story
Ok so it started with a £385 cot... A lot, I know but I fell in love with it, I bought it from junkinthetrunk2010 aka Oberon De Monet, within a few days it arrived as promised, I opened the mattress, which was not pocket spung but called 'spring mattress' not a big deal let her know for future reference but still a good mattress, when my husband arrived home we started to unpack the 60kg cot, first box opened... Big smashed hole in the side! So emailed... 'No probs you'll get a replacement ASAP'... Ok so I got curious, looked up a few reviews to make sure I wasn't buying something that would damage easily, found it for £300 from asda, emailed to ask if it was ok to just return it and buy it elsewhere, she seemed ok with this and said she'd arrange collection for full refund. Told me refund would be issued upon courier booking/pick up so after week and a half of a date, waited in for 3 days for the courier... Nothing! Rung them myself and within 30 mins came and took it back. So refund should be on the way yh? NO!... 'Oh we refund when it's been received back to the warehouse' fair enough... Took over a week to reach her warehouse... Ok so refund time... Oh no, she wants to wait for her refund back from where she bought it from but will send me £100 "good will guesture" no love that's a partial refund. So week later refund processing via PayPal, takes (5-7 days to clear) day 5, payment cancelled... So another email, by now very annoyed and demanded an instant refund of MY money, she informed me she'd just jumped off a plane from America! Will sort it ASAP but no longer wish to communicate with me as I'm "rude". So refund through. I decide neutral feedback stating damaged, returned took over 3 weeks to refund. She then replays to feedback with a pack of lies stating 'customer changed her mind, customer harassed me and was not in for pick up of item' all total utter rubbish!!! And I've got the emails for proof. So tell eBay I want her comment removed as it's lies and the whole point of eBay feedback is to warn buyers over bad selling practice... Waste of time! They do nothing!!! 
My advice open a case and keep it open until resolved, don't let sellers push you into agreeing with things you don't want to!! 

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